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Insane Hardcore Wrestling Entertainment ( 2008/10 - 2009/10 )
Iconic Heroes of Wrestling Excellence ( 2015/06 -   )
Tag Team Title

Arcane Fratres: Carrion Arcane & Michael Perry2008/10/04Ft. Worth, TX
Defeat Team Action: Chris Richter & Magnum RL to become the first champions.
Angel Blue & Miss Diss Lexia2008/12/12Dallas, TX
Carrion Arcane & Kristopher Haiden2009/01/03Dallas, TX
Defeat Blue & Logan, subbing for Lexia.
Bad Boyz: Chavez Tuco & Lil' Tony2009/04/11Ft. Worth, TX
Defeat Genesis and Jeff Brown & Jerry Brown in 3-way match.
Saints of DFW: Bryan Lewis & Carlos Esquivel2009/07/25Ft. Worth, TX
Defeat the Bad Boyz and the Establishment in 3-way match.
Lost Boys: Jason Silver & Sky Ryder2009/10/04Ft. Worth, TX
Defeat Brian Lewis & Ironheart, subbing for Esquivel; vacant/inactive on 09/10/30.
Rabid Empire: Kevin Cross & Li Fang2015/06/06Crowley, TX
Defeat Barrett Brown & Gregory James.
Franco D'Angelo & Mike Foxx 2015/06/07 Crowley, TX
Defeat Rabid Empire: Kevin Cross & Li Fang & Nigel Rod in handicap match; vacant on 15/10/31.
Outlaw Inc.: Andy Dalton & Barrett Brown 2016/01/30 Crowley, TX
Defeat the Unholy Complex: Gregory James & Jason Silver, Chase Malone & Jaxon Stone, Doberman & John Famous, Devin Durham & Jerry Brown, Kenny Steele & Kristopher Haiden, and Lil' Tony & Seph Anunnaki in a "turnmoil" match.
Unholy Complex: Gregory James & Jason Silver 2016/05/29 Crowley, TX
Defeat Outlaw, Inc. and BB And J: Chase Malone & Jaxon Stone in 3-way match.
BB&J: Bam Bam Malone & Jaxon Stone 2016/07/31Crowley, TX
Still champions as of 16/08/14.