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Insane Hardcore Wrestling ( 1998 - 2001/04 )
New Age Wrestling Alliance - Dallas/Ft. Worth ( 2001 - 2005/01 )
Insane Hardcore Wrestling Entertainment ( 2005 - 2011 )
  ( 2014/02 - 2015 )
Iconic Heroes of Wrestling Excellence ( 2015 - 2016/05 )
  ( 2017/05 -   )
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/05/21)

David Fuller1998
Khris Wolfe1998
Bryan Ryder1998
Scotty Master Blaster (Scott Mustaine)1999/01/29<
Vacant in 99/02.
C-Diddy (Canyon)1999/02/28Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Zane Morris.
The Necro Butcher1999/03/16
Redd Dogg (Rodney Mack)1999/10
Awarded; vacant when Mack wrestles for ECW.
David Fuller [2]2000
Khris Wolfe [2]2000/12/09
David Fuller [3]2001/01/23
Promotion inactive after 01/04/15.
The Assassin2001/12
Defeats Fuller for the title.
Promotion inactive after 02/01.
David Fuller [4]2003/11/01
Awarded; vacant on 03/12/07 when Joseph & Samir defeat Fuller & Bryan Ryder in a tag team match in Ft. Worth, TX; Joseph and Samir face each other for the title on 04/01/25 in Ft. Worth, TX but the match ends as a draw.
David Fuller [5]2008/10/04Ft. Worth, TX
Wins battle royal.
Khris Wolfe [3]2008/10/04Ft. Worth, TX
Vacant in 08/10.
Bryan Ryder [2]2008/11/01
Defeats David Fuller.
Chris Richter2008/12/12Dallas, TX
Defeats Ryder, David Fuller, Seth Shai, and Texas Red in 5-way match.
Bryan Ryder [3]2009/01/03Dallas, TX
Jimmy Jacobs2009/02/14Dallas, TX
Bryan Ryder [4]2009/02/14Dallas, TX
Defeats Jacobs, Chris Richter, David Fuller, and Logan in a gauntlet match.
SB-12009/04/11Ft. Worth, TX
Mike Foxx2010/02/06Ft. Worth, TX
Franco D'Angelo2010/06/26Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Foxx and Chris Richter in 3-way match; vacant in 11 when the promotion becomes inactive.
Matt Riviera2014/02/21Ft. Worth, TX
Thomas Shire2014/09/28Ft. Worth, TX
Charlie Haas2015/06/07Crowley, TX
Also defeats Americos on 16/05/29 in Crowley, TX to unify DFW and California West Coast Titles to become the first Triple Crown champion.

* Unified with IHWE Triple Crown Title.

Mike Foxx [2] 2017/05/21 Crowley, TX
Defeats Gregory James.