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New Age Wrestling Alliance - Dallas/Ft. Worth ( 2003/01 - 2005/01 )
Insane Hardcore Wrestling Entertainment ( 2009/04 - 2010/10 )
  ( 2014/06 - 2015 )
Iconic Heroes of Wrestling Excellence ( 2015 - 2016/05 )
DFW Heavyweight Title

Logan2003/01/23Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Bryan Ryder to become the first champion.
Bryan Ryder2003/03/30Ft. Worth, TX
David Fuller2003/04/14Ft. Worth, TX
Bryan Ryder [2]2003/05/25Ft. Worth, TX
Chris Richter2003/07/13Ft. Worth, TX
Jerry Brown2003/08/24Ft. Worth, TX
Chris Richter [2]2003/08/24Ft. Worth, TX
The Assassin2003/11/30Ft. Worth, TX
Seth Shai2004/01/25Ft. Worth, TX
Joseph2004/09/04Ft. Worth, TX
Lenny Lane2004/11/07Dallas, TX
Seth Shai [2]2005/01/15Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Lane and John Allen in 3-way match; vacant on 05/01/15 when NAWA closes.
Michael Perry2009/04/11Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Logan, Carrion Arcane, and Chris Richter in 4-way match.
Eric Kincade2009/09/06Ft. Worth, TX
Chico Toress2009/10/29Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Kincade, Bryan Ryder, Dave Dunnings, and Carrion Arcane in 5-way match.
Seth Shai [2]2010/05/29Ft. Worth, TX
Chico Toress [2]2010/06/26Ft. Worth, TX
Vacant on 10/10/30 when the promotion becomes inactive.
Americos2014/06/08Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Ashton Jacobs and Gregory James in 3-way match.
Charlie Haas2014/09/28Ft. Worth, TX
Vacant on 15/03/19.
James Johnson2015/04/19Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Barrett Brown, Gregory James, and Joe Angelo Garcia in 4-way match.
Ashton Jacobs2015/10/31Crowley, TX
Defeats Johnson, Americos, Jason Silver, Joe Angelo Garcia, and Texas Red in 6-way match.
Americos [2] 2016/03/31 Ft. Worth, TX
Also holds California West Coast Title.
Charlie Haas [2] 2016/05/29 Crowley, TX
IHWE Heavyweight champion, defeats Americos in unification match to become the first Triple Crown champion.

* Unified with IHWE Triple Crown Title.