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English Lords #
A fictitious team, vacate with an injury.
Steve Simpson & Chris Walker91/07/27Dallas, TX
Defeat Scott Anthony (Scott Levy) & Rip Rogers in 16-team tournament final.
John Tatum & Rod Price91/11/22Dallas, TX
Defeat Steve Simpson after Chris Walker jumps to WWF.
Wild Bill Irwin & Black Bart91/12/27Dallas, TX
John Tatum & Rod Price [2]92/01/10Dallas, TX
Terry Simms & Scott Putski92/03/20Dallas, TX
Titles held up after match against Gary Young & Steven Dane on 92/04/17 in Dallas, TX.
Gary Young & Steven Dane92/05/01Dallas, TX
Defeat Simms & Putski in rematch; defeated by Tribal Nation: Brave Sky & Nikona (= Youngbloods) on 92/06/26 in Dallas, TX, but the belts are returned by commissioner Fred Ferris.
Ebony Experience:Booker T. & Stevie Ray 92/07/31Dallas, TX
The Blackbirds: Action Jackson & King Parsons 92/08/07Dallas, TX
Ebony Experience [2]92/09
Black Bart & Johnny Mantell92/10/23Dallas, TX
John Hawk & Bobby Duncum Jr.92/11/27Dallas, TX
Bad Breed: Ian Rotten & Axl Rotten93/01/29Dallas, TX
Ebony Experience [3]93/02/26Dallas, TX
Sicilian Stallions: Guido Falcone & Vito Mussolini 93/05/07Dallas, TX
Steven Dane & Chaz Taylor93/09/03Dallas, TX
Defeat Falcone & Alex Porteau.
Black Bart & John Hawk93/12/25Dallas, TX
Fabulous Freebirds: Terry Gordy & Jimmy Garvin 94/06/03Dallas, TX
Promotion closes on 94/09/21.

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