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Global Wrestling Federation
Light Heavyweight Title

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Lightning Kid (Sean Waltman) 1991/07/13Dallas, TX
Defeats Jerry Lynn in tournament final.
Chaz (Chaz Taylor) 1991/09/13Dallas, TX
Lightning Kid [2]1991/09/15Marietta, GA
Jerry Lynn1991/12/27Dallas, TX
Barry Horowitz1992/02/07Dallas, TX
Ben Jordan1992/02/21Dallas, TX
Wins title when only pinned once by Horowitz in 10 min.
Barry Horowitz [2]1992/02/28Dallas, TX
Danny Davis1992/04/03Dallas, TX
Vacant on 92/04/24 when Davis leaves the promotion, later wrestles as GWF champion in Memphis.
Terry Simms1992/05/29Dallas, TX
Defeats Chaz in tournament final.
Alex Porteau1992/07/31Dallas, TX
Mike Dahl1992/10/23Dallas, TX
Alex Porteau [2]1993/01/22Dallas, TX
Calvin Knapp1993/02/26Dallas, TX
Vacant in 93/10.
Alex Porteau [3]1993/11/26Dallas, TX
Defeats Steven Dane.
Calvin Knapp [2]1994/02/20Dallas, TX
Alex Porteau [4]1994/08< GUA *
Osamu Nishimura1994/08/26Dallas, TX
Promotions closes on 94/09/21.

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