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Last updated on 2014/05/22

Global Wrestling Federation
North American Heavyweight Title

The Patriot # 1991/08/10 Dallas, TX
Defeats Al Perez in tournament final; vacant on 91/08/16 when Patriot doesn't accept title victory because Perez's feet were on the ropes when pinned.
The Patriot (Del Wilkes)1991/08/23Dallas, TX
Defeats Al Perez in rematch.
Dark Patriot (Doug Gilbert)1992/01/31Dallas, TX
Eddie Gilbert1992/03/27Dallas, TX
Vacant on 92/05/24 when Gilbert leaves GWF for Memphis, where he is billed as GWF World Champion.
Scott Putski1992/05/29Dallas, TX
Defeats Johnny Mantell in tournament final.
Rod Price1992/08/21Dallas, TX
Awarded after Putski is fired.
Stevie Ray1993/02/05Dallas, TX *
Rod Price [2]1993/06/30
Awarded; stripped in 93/08 during tour of Japan as punishment for actions taken during tour.
Iceman King Parsons1993/09/03Dallas, TX
Defeats Chris Adams by DQ.
Chris Adams1993/12/25Dallas, TX
Rod Price [3]1994/04/01Dallas, TX
Title held-up with Butch Reed on 94/06/03 in Antlers, OK
Butch Reed #1994/06/04Idabel, OK
Defeats Price in rematch by DQ, but title is still held-up.
Rod Price # 1994/06
Chris Adams [2]1994/07/01Dallas, TX
Promotion closes in 94/09/21.

* See also NWA North American Heavyweight Title.