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Last updated on 2014/07/18

Full Effect Wrestling
World Tag Team Title

Neico & Brett Anthony2006/04
Defeats Darin Childs & Jacob Ladder to become first champions; vacant in 06/07 when the team splits.
Texas Treats: Don Juan & Chris Marval2006/07
Awarded; vacant in 07/08.
Fu Man Kru: Wayne Knight & Justin Walker2007/08New Caney, TX
Defeat the Blacktinos; vacant in 08/10 when the team splits.
Genesis: Kristopher Haiden & Carrion Arcane2008/10
Defeat Texas Wrestling Mafia: Rudy Boy Gonzalez & Rory Fox.
Simply Irresistible: Robert Evans & Matt Palmer2009/03/07Tyler, TX
Still champion as of 09/10/10<
Genesis [2]2010/03/31<
Team Strong Style: Nick Guidry & Alex Reigns2010/07/17Decatur, TX
Still champion as of 10/08/22<
Big Time Playas2010/11/14<
All That Money: Mike Foxx & Byron Wilcott2012/12<

* See also MEPW Tag Team Title.