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Last updated on 2017/09/07

SCW Southwest Tag Team Title ( 1981 - 1985/05 )
TASW Texas Tag Team Title ( 1985/05 - 1986 )
USA Tag Team Title ( 1986 )

Coloso Colosetti & Killer Brooks 1978/09/06 San Antonio, TX
Defeat Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich.
Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez 1981
Wahoo McDaniel & Terry Funk 1981/08/15 San Antonio, TX
Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez [2] 1981
Bruiser Brody & Dick Slater 1982/02/26 Houston, TX
Ricky Morton & Ken Lucas 1982
Dynamic Duo: Tully Blanchard & Gino Hernandez [3] 1982/04<
Ricky Morton & Ken Lucas [2] 1982/06/11<
Dynamic Duo [4] 1982/07/30 Houston, TX
Dick Slater & Bob Sweetan1982/10<Odessa, TX
Sometime after 82/08/23; defeat Blanchard & a substitute when Hernandez no-shows but stripped for pinning the substitute to win the belts.
Ricky Morton & Ken Lucas [3]1982/12Corpus Christi, TX
Defeat The Grapplers in tournament final.
The Grapplers 1983/01/15San Antonio, TX
Dynamic Duo [5]1983/03/21San Antonio, TX
Vacant on the same day when Blanchard attacks Hernandez with title belt immediately after victory.
The Grapplers [2] 1983/04/02San Antonio, TX
Defeat Bob Sweetan & Mando Guerrero in tournament final.
Sheepherders: Luke Williams & Jonathan Boyd 1983/05/07San Antonio, TX
Luke Williams & Bobby Jaggers1983/06
Boyed breaks his leg in an auto accident; vacant on 83/07/04 when Williams attacks Jeggers after losing a non-title match to Bob Sweetan & Sweet Brown Sugar in San Antonio, TX.
Bobby Jaggers & Buddy Moreno1983/08/29San Antonio, TX
Defeat Bob Sweetan & Ken Timbs in 4-team tournament final.
Fabulous Blonds: Eric Embry & Ken Timbs 1983/09/26San Antonio, TX
Defeat Moreno & Scott Casey after Luke Williams reportedly breaks Jagger's arm on 83/09/19; title held up after a match against Rock 'n' Roll Express on 83/11/24 in San Antonio, TX.
Fabulous Blonds [2] 1983/12/03 San Antonio, TX
Defeat Rock 'n' Roll Express in rematch.
Al Perez & Manny Fernandez 1984/04/09 San Antonio, TX
Fabulous Blonds [3] 1984/06/13
Awarded when Perez & Fernandez do not defend title.
Fabulous Blonds: Eric Embry & Dan Greer 1984/07/21<
Timbs leaves the area and is replaced by Greer sometime before 84/07/21.
Brett Sawyer & Chicky Starr1984/09/09San Antonio, TX
Fabulous Blonds [2]1984/10/18San Antonio, TX
Jerrt Oske & Rick Casey (Wendell Cooley) 1984/12/17San Antonio, TX
New Zealand Maoris: Tudui & Wakahi1985/01/20San Antonio, TX
Renamed Texas All-Star Texas Tag Team Title in 85/05.
American Force: Paul Diamond & Frank Lang 1985/05<
New Zealand Maoris [2] 1985/05/12 San Antonio, TX
American Force: Paul Diamond & Nick Kiniski 1985/05/26San Antonio, TX
Al Madril & Chavo Guerrero1985/07/05San Antonio, TX
Vacant in 85/08 when Madril and Guerrero split after Guerrero pulls out of a scheduled defence against American Force with Gory Guerrero as a selected guest referee; Madril & substitute Black Gordman lose the match and attack Gory; Chavo defeats Madril to take possession of both belts but chooses to give them away instead of picking a new partner.
American Force: Paul Diamond & Shawn Michaels 1985/09/01San Antonio, TX
Given belts by Chavo Guerrero.
Masked Hoods (Tony Torres & Aldo Marino) 1985/09/29San Antonio, TX
American Force [2]1985/11/17San Antonio, TX
Al Madril & Magnificent Zulu1986/01/27
Al Madril & Mike Golden1986/04<
Zulu is fired; renamed USA Tag Team Title in 86.
Dream Team: King Parsons & Tiger Conway Jr. 1986/05/23Pasadena, TX
Mike Golden & Dizzy Golden1986/08/10Pasadena, TX
Dream Team [2]1986/09/30Houston, TX
Mike Golden & Dizzy Golden [2]1986/10
Awarded after Parsons leaves promotion; promotion closes in 86/11<.