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River City Wrestling
Phoenix Title
(as of 2015/02/06)

* For the wrestlers under 30 years of age

Low Rider2012/12/08San Antonio, TX
Defeats Estelaris to become the first champion.
Mitch Baxter2013/02/02San Antonio, TX
Teams with J.T. Lamotta & Samy Guevara to defeat Rider & Ben Galvan & Sicodelico Jr. in 6-man tag team match.
Matthew Palmer2013/05/04San Antonio, TX
Defeat Mitch Baxter, Steve McEnroe, and Rob Love in 4-way match.
Sammy Guevara2013/07/06San Antonio, TX
Defeats Palmer and Michael Faith 3-way match.
Matthew Palmer [2] 2013/10/05 San Antonio, TX
Guevara and Palmer compete for both the International and Phoenix titles in a ladder match; Guevara wins the International Title and Palmer wins the Phoenix Title.
Sammy Guevara [2] 2014/01/04San Antonio, TX
Wins both titles.
Joey Spector 2014/01/24 San Antonio, TX
Defeats Guevara and Erik Ortiz in 3-way match; still champion as of 14/03/27.
Alissa Flash 2014/07/12<  
A female wrestler; vacant as of 14/10.
Donny Brooks 2014/11/07 San Antonio, TX
Wins a 6-man elimination match.