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Anarchy Championship Wrestling
U-30 Young Gun Title
(as of 2018/02/25)

Berry Breeze2007/09/09San Antonio, TX
Wins 4-man tournament to become the first champion.
Shawn Vexx2007/12/16San Antonio, TX
Wins an elimination match against Breeze, Problems, Nathan Sinn, Dillon Stone, and Marco Riviera.
Gary Jay2008/07/19Austin, TX
Defeats Vexx, Berry Breeze, and Rexx Reed in a 4-way match.
Nick Tyson2008/11/16San Antonio, TX
Gary Jay [2]2009/01/03O'Fallon, IL
Super Electro2009/04/26Austin, TX
Darin Childs2009/07/19Austin, TX
Robert Evans 2009/07/19Austin, TX
Pierre Abernathy2009/10/18Austin, TX
Robert Evans [2]2009/11/15Austin, TX
Jaykus Plisken2009/11/15Austin, TX
Scot Summers2009/11/15Austin, TX
Vacant on 09/12/14.
Robert Evans [3]2010/04/18Austin, TX
ACH2010/08/22Austin, TX
Akira Tozawa2011/05/15Austin, TX
Gerald James [3]2011/05/21O'Fallon, IL
J.C. Bravo2011/08/21Austin, TX
Chingo del Santo2011/10/23Austin, TX
J.C. Bravo [2]2012/01/15Austin, TX
Chingo del Santo [2]2012/04/15Austin, TX
Immediately vacates by throwing the belt.
Carson2012/05/27Live Oak, TX
Bolt Bradley 2013/01/20 Austin, TX
Ricky Romida 2013/08/18 Austin, TX
Jeffrey Gant 2014/01/19 Austin, TX
Ricky Romida [2] 2014/08/24 Austin, TX
Steve O. Reno 2014/09/21 Austin, TX
Defeats Romida, Dillon Divine, and Lil' Tony in 4-way match; vacates in 16/01 due to injury.
Scotty Santiago 2016/01/24 Austin, TX
Defeats Curt Stallion.
Shigeyuki Kawahara 2016/09/18 Austin, TX
Dylan Dunbar 2016/10/23 Austin, TX
Defeats Kawahara, Johnny Swole, and Scotty Santiago in 4-way match.
Dillon Divine 2017/07/27 Austin, TX
Zac Taylor 2017/12/17 Austin, TX
Defeats Divine, D.G. Taylor, Donnie Giovanni, Jamie Holley, and Shad Satu in 6-way elimination match.