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Anarchy Championship Wrestling
Tag Team Title
(as of 2018/02/25)

Children Of Pain: Darin Childs & Jacob Ladder 2007/01/14San Antonio, TX
Defeat Cassandro & Skylar Skelly to become the first champions.
Old And Younger: Drake Younger & Ian Rotten 2007/04/22San Antonio, TX
Defeat Children Of Pain, Naptown Dragons and Chuey Martinez & Hugh Rogue in a 4-corners match
Children Of Pain [2] 2007/04/22San Antonio, TX
Defeat Old And Younger, Chuey Martinez & Hugh Rogue, and Naptown Dragons: DieHard & Vortekz in 4-way match.
Kissyboots: Rachel Summerlyn & Skylar Skelly 2007/05/05Austin TX
Sexy Fox A Dellics: Mike Dell & Rory Fox 2007/07/29San Antonio, TX
Defeat Kissyboots, Double Trouble, and Supreme Clientele in a 4-corners match; vacant on 07/11/10 when Roxy Fox leaves the promotion.
Children Of Pain [3] 2007/11/17San Antonio, TX
Defeat Supreme Clientele.
Halloween Crew: Black Rocker & Jack-O-Lantern 2007/11/18San Antonio, TX
Defeated Children Of Pain, Miss Diss Lexia & Rachel Summerlyn, and Supreme Clientele in 4-way elimination match.
Dillon Stone & Nathan Sin 2008/03/14El Paso, TX
Halloween Crew [2] 2008/03/29Austin, TX
Defeat Stone & Sin, Submission Squad, and Donovan Ruddick & Gary Jay in 4-way match.
Mysterious Pleasure: Julio Garza & Junior Garza 2008/06/15San Antonio, TX
Submission Squad: Evan Gelistico & Pierre Abernathy 2008/11/16San Antonio, TX
Defeat Mysterious Pleasure, Team Smurf, and Troubled Youth in 4-way match.
Jerry Lynn & Scot Summers 2008/11/16San Antonio, TX
Submission Squad [2] 2010/01/17Austin, TX
Smurf Nation: Chingo Smurf & J.C. Bravo 2010/08/08Live Oak, TX
RAJETT: Jessica James & Rachel Summerlyn 2011/02/21Live Oak, TX
Defeat Smurf Nation, Flippy Sh!t: Brent Masters & Mat Fitchett, and Lost Boys: Jason Silver & Sky de Lacrimosa in 4-way elimination match.
Lost Boys: Jason Silver & Sky de Lacrimosa 2011/11/05Austin, TX
Defeat RAJETT, Chingo del Santo & Just Willie, and Team Sex: High Roller Hayze & Johnny Axxle in a 4-way match.
Darin Childs & Khris Wolfe 2012/05/20Austin, TX
Lost Boys [2]2012/07/22Austin, TX
Davey Vega & Matthew Palmer 2012/07/22Austin, TX
Mojo Bravado: Jojo Bravo & Jordan Jensen 2012/09/16 Austin, TX
The Business: Jojo Bravo & Angel Blue & Chris Trew & Thomas Shire 2012/10
Taken over by the Business when Bravo becomes a member after Jensen is fired from the promotion.
Jack Jameson & Paul London 2013/09/14Austin, TX
Just Steve & Scotty Santiago 2014/07/20 Austin, TX
Dressed To Kill: Donny Brookes & Dylan Dunbar 2014/10/12 Austin, TX
Hole F'n Team: Johnny Axxle & Mr. B 2014/10/12 Austin, TX
Bad Boyz: Lil' Tony & Seph Anunnaki 2014/11/07 Austin, TX
Defeat the Hole F'n Team, the Swarm: VG Allin & Wade Olsen, and the Business: Jojo Bravo & Ricky Romida in 4-way match.
Hole F'n Team [2] 2014/11/09 Austin, TX
Defeat the Bad Boyz, Dressed To Kill: Donny Brookes & Dylan Dunbar, , and Mad Tigre & Stan Summers in 4-way elimination match.
Center of Perfection: Franco D'Angelo & Matthew Palmer 2015/01/18 Austin, TX
Unholy Complex: Gregory James & Jason Silver 2015/06/28 Austin, TX
MASADA & Killah Kash / Yul Hubbard 2016/05/15 Austin, TX
Team Academia: ACH & Kody Lane 2018/02/25 Austin, TX