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Anarchy Championship Wrestling
Hardcore Title
(as of 2018/01/28)

Skylar Skelly2007/02/11San Antonio, TX
Defeats Chuey Martinez, El Lotus, Hugh Rogue, and Rachel Putski in 5-man gauntlet match to become the first champion.
Jacob Ladder2007/02/22Seguin, TX
Defeats Skelly and Darin Childs in 3-way match.
Darin Childs2007/03/10Giddings, TX
Skylar Skelly [2]2007/06/17San Antonio, TX
Jacob Ladder [2]2007/07/29San Antonio, TX
Scot Summers2007/09/23San Antonio, TX
Defeats Ladder and Masada in 3-way elimination match.
Steve Amos [3]2007/11/18San Antonio, TX
Drew Lucid2008/05/24Austin, TX
Rexx Reed2008/09/06Austin, TX
Defeats Lucid and Violent V. in 3-way match; vacant on 08/10/12.
Super Electro2008/11/16San Antonio, TX
Pins Reed during 3-way match also involving Jacob Ladder.
Jacob Ladder [3]2008/11/16San Antonio, TX
Pins Electro during the 3-way match.
J.C. Bravo2009/04/26Austin, TX
Junior Garza2009/06/07Austin, TX
Masada2009/09/20Austin, TX
Matthew Palmer 2012/01/15 Austin, TX
Barrett Brown 2014/04/20 Austin, TX
Ricky Starks 2014/11/16 Austin, TX
Defeats MASADA to unify Heavyweight Title on 15/01/18 in Austin, TX to become the first Unified Champion.

Sky de Lacrimosa 2017/07/23 Austin, TX
Defeats Unified champion JoJo Bravo only for the Hardcore Title; Bravo continues to hold the Heavyweight Title.
Jeff Gant 2017/12/17 Austin, TX
Defeats de Lacrimosa, J.C. Bravo, Junior Garza, and Thomas Muñoz in 5-way elimination match.