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Anarchy Championship Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2018/02/25)

Scot Summers2007/01/14San Antonio, TX
Dfeats Bio Hazard and Mike Dell in a 3-way match to become the first champion.
Jerry Lynn2007/06/10Austin, TX
Scot Summers [2]2008/01/20San Antonio, TX
Jimmy Jacobs2008/10/12San Antonio, TX
Defeats Scot Summers and J.T. LaMotta in 3-way elimination match.
J.T. LaMotta 2009/01/18San Antonio, TX
Mike Dell2009/06/21San Antonio, TX
Shawn Vexx2010/01/17Austin, TX
Darin Childs2010/07/18Austin, TX
Scot Summers [3]2010/07/18Austin, TX
Robert Evans 2010/11/14Austin, TX
Matthew Palmer2011/01/17Austin, TX
Davey Vega2011/05/15Austin, TX
Darin Childs [2]2011/09/18Austin, TX
Portia Perez2011/11/12Austin, TX
J.T. LaMotta [2]2011/11/12Austin, TX
A.C.H.2011/11/12Austin, TX
Jaykus Plisken2012/07/22Austin, TX
Darin Childs [3] 2012/11/11 Austin, TX
Defeats Plisken and Scot Summers in the 3-way 1st round of the Lone Star Classic 2012 tournament.
Evan Gelistico 2012/11/11 Austin, TX
Defeats Childs in the semi-final of the Lone Star Classic 2012 tournament.
Rachel Summerlyn 2012/11/11 Austin, TX
A female wrestler, defeats Gelistico in the Lone Star Classic 2012 tournament final.
Evan Gelistico [2] 2013/01/20 Austin, TX
Shawn Vexx [2] 2014/01/19 Austin, TX
MASADA 2014/07/20 Austin, TX
Ricky Starks 2015/01/18 Austin, TX
Holder of the Hardcore Title, defeats MASADA in a unification match to become the first Unified Champion.

JoJo Bravo / J.C. Res 2017/07/23  
Reigning Unified Champion, loses the Hardcore Title to Sky de Lacrimosaon 17/07/23 in Austin, TX; continues to hold the Heavyweight Title; starts wrestling as J.C. Res in 17/09.
Jason Silver 2018/01/28 Austin, TX
Defeats Res, Barrett Brown, and Sky de Lacrimosa in 4-way match.