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Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
Women's Title
Miss TNA ( 2002/06 - 2002/11 )
TNA Women's Knockouts Title ( 2007/10 - 2017/03 )
IMPACT Women's Knockouts Title ( 2017/03 -   )

(as of 2018/01/13)

Taylor Vaughn 2002/06/19 Huntsville, AL
Wins a battle royal to be recognized as the first Miss TNA.
Bruce (Alan Funk) 2002/07/31 Nashville, TN
A male wrestler.
April Pennington 2002/11/27 Nashville, TN
Given the crown by Bruce; title immediately retired.

Gail Kim2007/10/14Atlanta, GA
Wins a 10-woman gauntlet match by last eliminating Roxxy Laveaux to become the first champion.
Awesome Kong (Amazing Kong)2008/01/07Orlando, FL
Taylor Wilde 2008/07/10 Orlando, FL
Awesome Kong [2] 2008/10/23 Las Vegas, NV
Angelina Love 2009/04/19 Philadelphia, PA
Tara 2009/06/25 Orlando, FL
Angelina Love [2] 2009/07/19 Orlando, FL
ODB 2009/08/16 Orlando, FL
Teams with Cody Deaner and defeat Love & Velvet Sky in a tag team match; vacant on 09/08/18 due to controversy in the match.
ODB [2] 2009/09/20 Orlando, FL
Defeats Cody Deaner.
Tara [2] 2009/12/20 Orlando, FL
ODB [3] 2010/01/04 Orlando, FL
Tara [3] 2010/01/17 Orlando, FL
Angelina Love [3] 2010/04/05 Orlando, FL
Madison Rayne 2010/04/18 St. Charles, MO
Teams with Velvet Sky and defeat Love & Tara in a tag team match.
Angelina Love [4] 2010/07/11 Orlando, FL
Madison Rayne [2] 2010/07/13 Orlando, FL
Returned to Rayne when she threatens to sue TNA due to the controversial finish.
Angelina Love [5] 2010/08/09 Orlando, FL
Tara [4] 2010/10/10 Daytona Beach, FL
Defeats Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne in a 4-corner match.
Madison Rayne [3] 2010/10/11 Orlando, FL
Mickie James 2011/04/17 Cincinnati, OH
Winter (Katarina Waters) 2011/08/07 Orlando, FL
Mickie James [2] 2011/08/25 Huntsville, AL
Winter [2] 2011/09/11 Orlando, FL
Velvet Sky 2011/10/16 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Winter, Mickie James, and Madison Rayne in a 4-way match.
Gail Kim [2] 2011/11/13 Orlando, FL
Miss Tessmacher 2012/06/10 Arlington, TX
Tara [5] 2012/10/14 Phoenix, AZ
Velvet Sky [2] 2013/01/26 London, GBR
Defeats Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, and Gail Kim in a 4-way match.
Mickie James [3] 2013/05/23 Tampa, FL
ODB [4] 2013/09/12 St. Louis, MO
Gail Kim [3] 2013/10/20 San Diego, CA
Defeats ODB and Brook (Miss Tessmacher) in a 3-way match.
Madison Rayne [4] 2014/01/16 Huntsville, AL
Angelina Love [6] 2014/04/27 Orlando, FL
Gail Kim [4] 2014/06/20 Bethlehem, PA
Havok (Jessicka Havok) 2014/09/16 Bethlehem, PA
Taryn Terrell (Tiffany) 2014/09/19 Bethlehem, PA
Brook (Miss Tessmacher) 2015/06/25 Orlando, FL
Gail Kim [5] 2015/07/29 Orlando, FL
Defeats Brook, Awsome Kong, and Lei'D Tapa in a 4-way match.
Jade (Mia Yim) 2016/03/17 Orlando, FL
Defeats Kim and Madison Rayne in a 3-way match.
Sienna (Allysin Kay) 2016/06/12 Orlando, FL
Defeats Jade and Gail Kim in a 3-way match.
Allie (Cherry Bomb) 2016/08/12 Orlando, FL
Defeats Sienna, Jade, Madison Rayne, and Marti Bell in a 5-way match.
Maria (Maria Kanellis) 2016/08/13 Orlando, FL
Gail Kim [6] 2016/10/02 Orlando, FL
Vacant in 16/10 due to injury.
Rosemary (Courtney Rush) 2016/10/09 Orlando, FL
Defeats Jade; renamed IMPACT Wrestling Title on 17/03/02.
Sienna [2] 2017/07/02 Orlando, FL
Reigning GFW Women's champion, defeats Rosemary to become the unified champion.
Gail Kim [7] 2017/11/05 Ottawa, ON
Defeats Sienna and Allie in 3-way match; vacates on next day upon retirement.
Lauren Van Ness 2017/11/08 Ottawa, ON
Defeats Rosemary in tournament final.
Allie [2] 2018/01/12 Orlando, FL