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Power Pro Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Billy Travis & Bulldog Raines1998/07/21Memphis, TN
Defeat Rock'n'Roll Express in tournament final to become first champions; vacant in 99.
Kid Wikkid & Derrick King1999/03/07Jonesboro, AR
Win a tournament; held up after a match against Erin O'Grady & Vic Grimes on 99/03/19 in Memphis, TN.
Erin O'Grady & Vic Grimes1999/03/20Memphis, TN
Defeat Wikkid & King in rematch.
Kid Wikkid & Derrick King [2]1999/04/03Jonesboro, AR
Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee1999/04/17Memphis, TN
Lawler defeats Wikkid &l King in a handicap match when Dundee no-shows.
Glen Kulka & Mic Tierney1999/10/02 *
Vacant in 99/11 when Kulka leaves PPW.
Derrick King & Jason Lee2000/01/22Memphis, TN
Defeat Tony Falk & Blade and Bulldog Raines & Robbie D. in triangle finals of 6-team tournament.
Wolfie D2000/01/29Memphis, TN
Wins handicap match.
Derrick King & Moondog Spot2000/03/18Memphis, TN
Regulators: Rob Harlem & Deon Harlem 2000/04/08Memphis, TN
Defeat King in handicap match.