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Memphis Championship Wrestling
Southern Heavyweight Title

Jerry Lawler2000/03/25Tunica, MS
Defeats Bull Pain in a tournament final to become the first champion; vacant in 00.
K. Krush2000/04/12Robinsonville, MS
Wins battle royal, eliminating Jerry Lawler.
Masked Man #1 (Jerry Lawler) [2] 2000/05/24Tunica, MS
Lord Steven Regal 2000/06/21Memphis, TN
Joey Abs 2000/08/19Memphis, TN
K. Krush [2]2000/08/19Memphis, TN
Steve Bradley2000/11/03Manila, AR
Joey Abs [2]2001/06/16Jackson, TN
Steve Bradley [2]2001/07/07Manila, AR
Seven2001/07/07Manila, AR
Kryptonite2001/11/17Dyersburg, TN

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