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Last updated on 2016/07/21

Southern Light Heavyweight Title
[Tennessee / Arkansas / Kentucky]

Johnny Marrs 1936/07/20<  
Billed as champion in Arkansas and Southeastern Missouri; possibly for holding the Lightweight Title in Augusta, GA; still champion as of 36/09/01.
Roy Welch 1937/08/17 Nashville, TN
Defeats Raoul Lopez in tournament final.
Neejab Rabban 1937/08/24 Nashville, TN
Roy Welch [2] 1937/10/05 Nashville, TN
Joe Dillman 1938/01/18 Nashville, TN
Roy Welch [3] 1938/04/26 Nashville, TN
Still champion as of 38/09/17.
Tiger Long 1939/05/27<  
Billed as champion in Blytheville, AR; still champion as of 39/08/21.
Lon Chaney 1940<  
Listed on the 42/01/15 issue of a Nashville, TN paper as having held the title "two years ago"; still/again billed as champion in Kingsport, TN as of 46/04/24.