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Last updated on 2015/02/28

worn by Rex Monley
World Light Heavyweight Title
[Tennessee / Alabama]

* MWA World Title was recognized until 1933.

* NWA World Title was recognized for the rest of the decade.

George Becker 1940/06/21<
Rex Mobley 1940/08/30 Jackson, MS
Some reports have Mobley allegedly defeating Jimmy Hefner for the title in New Orleans, LA on this date.
Jack Curtis 1942/01/12 Birmingham, AL
Mike Chacoma 1942/03/23 Birmingham, AL
In Mississippi and Louisiana, Curtis is awarded the title back in 42 after Chacoma "twice ran out on scheduled title bouts with Jack"; title may be inactive after 44/12 when Chacoma joins the US Coast Guard.
Jack Wentworth * 1946  
Mike Chacoma * 1946  
Tex Riley 1946/12 Birmingham, AL
Held up after a controversial match against Mike Chacoma on 47/01/30 in Nashville, TN.
Mike Chacoma [2] 1947/02/13 Nashville, TN
Defeats Riley in rematch.
Arthur White 1948/01/19 Birmingham, AL
Tex Riley [2] 1948/05  
Chick Garibaldi 1948/06 New Orleans, LA
Sometime before 48/06/27.
Tex Riley [3] 1948/09/28 Nashville, TN
Atomic Blond is billed as champion in southern Alabama as of 48/10/02 at least until 49/01/07.