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Last updated on 2017/09/15

World Junior Heavyweight Title
[Tennessee / Alabama / Kentucky]

Mel Peters 1941/08 Tulsa, OK *
Listed on the 42/05/31 issue of a Nashville, TN paper as having won the title from George Becker "seven months ago" and defended "eight times."
Gust Johannsen1942/06/16Nashville, TN
Herb Welch1942/10/13Nashville, TN
Mike Chacoma1943/03/09Louisville, KY
Herb Welch [2]1943/03/16Louisville, KY
Yellow Scorpion 1943/11/23Nashville, TN
Herb Welch [3]1944/01/18Nashville, TN
Yellow Scorpion [2]1944/02/15Nashville, TN
Herb Welch [4]1944/06/06Nashville, TN
Roy Allen1944/07/10Knoxville, TN
Herb Welch [5]1944/07/28Nashville, TN
Red Masked Marvel1945/06/05Nashville, TN
Herb Welch [6]1945/06/27Nashville, TN
Vacant on 46/02/28 when Welch is injured in auto accident.
Tex Riley 1946/06/12Nashville, TN
Defeats Gus Johnson in tournament final.
Herb Welch [7]1947/07/22Nashville, TN
Green Shadow1948/06/01Nashville, TN
Herb Welch [8]1948/07/06Nashville, TN
Black Phantom (Art Nelson) 1949/07/12 Nashville, TN
Tex Riley is billed as champion in Kingsport, TN as of 49/11/14; Leroy McGuirk defends the NWA World Title in Tennessee in 50/01 and 50/02.
Tex Riley [2] 1950/03/16 Chattanooga, TN
Black Phantom [2] 1950/06/20 Nashville, TN
Tex Riley [3] 1950/11/29 Kingsport, TN
"Officially declared" as the National Wrestling Association champion on 50/12/23 in Knoxville, TN.
Ali Pasha 1951/04/26 Chattanooga, TN
Verne Gagne defends the NWA World Title in Tennessee in 51/05.
Tex Riley [4] 1951/05/29
Awarded after a review of the disputed match against Pasha "a couple of weeks ago" in Knoxville, TN; title retired in 51/06.

* Replaced with NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title.

* NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title is also defended in the area after 1951/06.