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Last updated on 2014/02/14

World Junior Heavyweight Title

Tennessee & Georgia ( 1940s )
National Wrestling Alliance ( 1951 )

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Mel Peters1942/06<
Gust Johannsen1942/06/16Nashville, TN
Herb Welch1942/10/13Nashville, TN
Mike Chacoma1943/03/09Louisville, KY
Herb Welch [2]1943/03/16Louisville, KY
Yellow Scorpion1944/01<Nashville, TN
Herb Welch [3]1944/01/18Nashville, TN
Yellow Scorpion [2]1944/02/15Nashville, TN
Herb Welch [4]1944/06/06Nashville, TN
Roy Allen1944/07/10Knoxville, TN
Herb Welch [5]1944/07/28Nashville, TN
Red Masked Marvel1945/06/05Nashville, TN
Herb Welch [6]1945/06/27Nashville, TN
Vacant on 46/02/28 when Welch injured in auto accident.
Tex Riley1946/07/12Nashville, TN
Wins tournament.
Herb Welch [7]1947/07/22Nashville, TN
Green Shadow1948/06/01Nashville, TN
Herb Welch [8]1948/07/06Nashville, TN
Art Nelson1949/11/25<
Leroy McGuirk1950/01<
Has become unified NWA World champion, defeating Billy Goelz on 49/12/28 in Des Moines, IA; recognized as champion in Tennessee in 50/01<; vacant on 50/02/07 when McGuirk blinded in an auto accident.
Black Phantom1950/02<
May be awarded in Tennessee after McGuirk retires.
Tex Riley [2]1950/03/16Chattanooga, TN
Black Phantom [2] 1950/08/03<Nashville, TN
Tex Riley [3]1951/01<Kingsport, TN
Ali Pasha *1951/04/26Chattanooga, TN
Verne Gagne1951/05
Has defeated Sonny Myers in a 14-man tournament final on 50/11/13 in Tulsa, OK to become NWA World champion; recognized in Tennessee after 51/05.
Danny McShain1951/11/19Memphis, TN

* See NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title.

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