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Last updated on 2011/07/19

NWA Southeastern Tag Team Title

Frank Monte & Nick DeCarlo 1974/02
Billed as champions in Tennessee and Alabama on arrival.
Tojo Yamamoto & Mr. Kamikaze 1974/04/15 Birmingham, AL
Repeated on 74/04/17 in Nashville, TN.
Frank Monte & Nick DeCarlo [2] 1974/04/24 Nashville, TN
Tojo Yamamoto & Mr. Kamikaze [2] 1974/04/27 Chattanooga, TN
Frank Monte & Nick DeCarlo [2] 1974/05/12 Chattanooga, TN
Tojo Yamamoto & Mr. Kamikaze [2] 1974/05/13 Birmingham, AL
Still champions as of 74/05/20.
Jerry Jarrett & Tojo Yamamoto 1974/05<
Frank Monte & Steve Kovac 1974/07<
Bounty Hunters: David Novak & Jerry Novak 1974/07/17 Nashville, TN
Rufus R. Jones & George Gulas 1974/08/05 Birmingham, AL
Chris Gallagher & Don Kent 1974/09/02 Birmingham, AL
Duke Myers & Blue Scorpion 1974/11/13<
Masked Dominoes (Frank Hester & Pepe Lopez) 1976/03/10<
A separate branch is recognized by the Mid-America office in 76, apart from the Knoxville version.
Masked Dominoes [2]1976/03/29Birmingham, AL
Win a 5-team round-robin tournament.
Dominoe & Buddy Wayne1976/05<
Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett1976/05/19Nashville, TN
Davis Shults & Bill Ash1976/06/02<
Vacant after a match against George Gulas & Gorgeous George Jr. on 76/07/28 in Nashville, TN.
Masked Superstars1976/08/04Nashville, TN
Defeat Robert Fuller & Bill Dromo in a 6-team tournament final; held up in Nashville after a match against Robert Fuller & Tommy Rich on 76/09/08.
Masked Superstars [2]1976/09/15Nashville, TN
Defeat Robert Fuller & Frankie Lane.
Tojo Yamamoto & Don Anderson1976/10/13Nashville, TN
Still champions as of 76/10/27.
Dennis Condrey & Phil Hickerson1976/11/10Nashville, TN
Defeat Tojo Yamamoto & Tommy Rich.
Tojo Yamamoto & Jackie Fargo1976/12/01Nashville, TN

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