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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2012/08/13

NWA Mid-America Television Title

Koko Ware 1980/11/08 Memphis, TN
Wins a battle royal, eliminating Danny Davis, to become the first champion.
Bobby Eaton
Dutch Mantell1981
Kevin Sullivan
Vacant when Sullivan leaves the area.

Tommy Capone2003/04/05Columbia, TN
Defeats Jeff Daniels.
Jeff Daniels2003/04/12Columbia, TN
Tommy Capone [2]2003/05<
Chris Gatlin2003
Jeff Daniels2003/10/25Columbia, TN
L.T. Falk 2008/06/21 Nashville, TN
Defeats Dante in tournament final.
Shane Smalls 2008/07/22 Nashville, TN
Wins a 4-way match against Falk, Kid Nickels, and Kyle Maggard.
Steve O 2008/10/04 Nashville, TN
Shane Smalls [2] 2008/11/27 Nashville, TN
Shawn Schultz 2008/12/25 Nashville, TN
Matt Boyce 2009/07/18 Nashville, TN
Tommy Mercer 2010/06/03 Nashville, TN
Held-up/vacant after a match against Chase Stevens on 11/03/26 in Nashville, TN.
Matt Boyce [2] 2011/09/21<
Vacant sometime before 12/01/11.