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NWA Top Rope Junior Heavyweight Title

Jason James06/09/30Lebanon, TN
Defeats John Johnson in tournament final to become first champion.
Doug Harrison07/01/27Lebanon, TN
Jason James [2]07/03/31
Awarded after Harrison is fired.
Matt Catalano07/06/30Lebanon, TN
Defeats James and Brian Rivers in 3-way match; vacant in 07.
Arrick Andrews07/09/28Lebanon, TN
Defeats Jason James in tournament final.
Rick Santel08/02/09Lebanon, TN
Vacant or held up in 08.
Arrick Andrews08/03/08Millersville, TN
Defeats Rick Santel (in rematch?).
Chrisjen Hayme08/06/14Lebanon, TN
Still champion as of 08/09/06.
Lawrence the Sharp Dressed Man, Petey St. Croy, and L.T. Falk wrestle in a 3-way match for the title on 09/06/02 in Lebanon, TN (winner unknown).
White Tiger 09/12/09<
Also billed as NWA Tennessee Junior Heavyweight Title.
Mike Posey 09/12/12 Lebanon, TN
Defeats White Tiger and Chris Eckos in a 3-way match.
Corey Hollis 10/04/08 Nashville, TN
Kevin Dunn 10/06/03<  
Sometime after 10/05/22; still champion as of 10/07/31.
Lee Cross 11/02<  
Jared Crowne 11/02/12 Lebanon, TN
Lee Cross [2] 11/04/02 Lebanon, TN
Derrick Neal 11/06/18 Lebanon, TN
Kevin Weatherby 11/12/25 Lebanon, TN
Defeats Neal and Dyron Flynn in a 3-way match.
Anthony Wayne 12/01/14 Lebanon, TN
Derrick Neal [2] 12/01/28 Lebanon, TN
Kevin Dunn [2] 12/04/07 Lebanon, TN
Vacant in 12/07.
Dyron Flynn 12/07/28 Lebanon, TN
Defeats Nick Iggy; still champion as of 13/01/04; promotion closes in 13/08.

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