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Warriors Of Wrestling Federation ( - 1999/07/30 )
NWA Mid-South ( 1999/07/30 - 2009/10 )
Tag Team Title

Missouri Bad Boys: Mark Southern & Ricky Bryant
Ricky Murdock & Johnny Gunn99/07/23Dyersburg, TN
Renamed NWA Mid-South title on 99/07/30.
Missouri Bad Boys [2]99/08/06Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature: Rude & Tully 99/09/17Dyersburg, TN
Moondog Rover & Tim White99/10/01Dyersburg, TN
Missouri Bad Boys [3]99/11/12Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature [2]99/11/19Dyersburg, TN
Awarded when Boys no-show.
Southern Pride: Kilo & Tommy Redneck 00/01/28Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature [3]00/01/29Tiptonville, TN
The Rebellion: Kurt Reigns & Tejas 00/04/07Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature [4]00/04/08Drestin, TN
Top Gunz: Ricky Hayes & Tim White 00/04/15Newbern, TN
New Texas Outlaws: Ricky Murdock & Austin Rhodes 00/05/13Tiptonville, TN
Vacant on 00/06/09 in Dyersburg, TN when Outlaws lose a looser-leaves-town match to Naughty by Nature.
Naughty by Nature [5]00/07/07Dyersburg, TN
Defeat The Assassins and Missouri Bad Boys: Mark Southern & Joey Venture in a three way dance.
Joey Venture & Mark Southern00/08/04Dyersburg, TN
New Texas Outlaws [2]00/08/18Greenville, MS
Joey Venture & Mark Southern [2]00/08/25Dyersburg, TN
Defeat New Texas Outlaws and Naughty by Nature.
Ricky Murdock & Dustin Starr00/12/02Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature [6]00/12/21Dyersburg, TN
Pink Flamingos01/02/17Dyersburg, TN
Naughty by Nature [7]01/03/10Dyersburg, TN
Joey Venture & Gator McAllister01/09/16Newbern, TN
Stripped on 02/09/01 for refusing to defend the title on 02/10/19 against Missouri Bad Boys: Missouri Renegade & Mark Southern because they are friends.
Missouri Renegade & Mark Southern02/10/19Tiptonville, TN
Defeat Joey Venture & Mr. Chrisma; vacant on 03/11/21 for lack of title defense.
Black Birds: Ice & Jazz05/04/22Humboldt, TN
Defeat Void & A.J. Bradley.
Deathwish05/08/20Milan, TN
Black Birds [2]05/10/14Humboldt, TN
Win by default when Deathwish no-show the scheduled title defense.
New Bounty Hunters: Ricky Murdock & Big Nast Bill 05/10/14Humboldt, TN
Still champions as of as of 05/10/14; promotion closes sometime before 09/10.

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