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Smoky Mountain Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Heavenly Bodies: Stan Lane & Tom Prichard 1992/04/23Harrogate, TN
Defeat the Fantastics: Bobby Fulton & Jackie Fulton in tournament final to become the first champion.
Fantastics: Bobby Fulton & Jackie Fulton 1992/08/08Johnson City, TN
Heavenly Bodies [2]1992/08/10Benton, TN
Rock'n'Roll Express: Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson 1992/11/13Harlan, KY
Heavenly Bodies [3]1992/11/26Hazard, KY
Rock'n'Roll Express [2]1992/11/27Welch, WV
Heavenly Bodies [4]1992/11/28Johnson City, TN
Rock'n'Roll Express [3]1992/11/29Knoxville, TN
Heavenly Bodies [5]1993/01/28Newton, NC
Rock'n'Roll Express [4]1993/05/15Johnson City, TN
Bruise Brothers: Ron Harris & Don Harris 1993/06/28Council, VA
Rock'n'Roll Express [5]1993/09/11Morristown, TN
Heavenly Bodies: Tom Prichard & Jimmy Del Ray 1993/11/24Boston, MA
Rock'n'Roll Express [6]1994/02/18Port Huron, MI
Heavenly Bodies [2]1994/02/19Taylor, MI
Rock'n'Roll Express [7]1994/04/01Pikeville, KY
Brian Lee & Chris Candido1994/04/23Johnson City, TN
Rock'n'Roll Express [8]1994/08/05Knoxville, TN
Brian Lee & Chris Candido [2]1994/08/06Johnson City, TN
Rock'n'Roll Express [9]1994/08/08Saltville, VA
Gangstas: New Jack & Mustapha 1994/10
Awarded after the Gangstas threaten to sue SMW over a referee's decision in a loss to the Rock'n'Roll Express on 94/09/16 in Knoxville, TN.
Rock'n'Roll Express [10]1994/12/24Knoxville, TN
Al Snow & Unabom1995/04/07Pikeville, KY
Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy1995/07/06 Jellico, TN
Heavenly Bodies [3]1995/08/04Knoxville, TN
Promotion closes on 95/11/26.