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Smoky Mountain Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Brian Lee1992/05/22Knoxville, TN
Defeats Paul Orndorff in final of 8-man tournament to become the first champion.
Dirty White Boy1992/08/08Johnson City, TN
Tracy Smothers1993/04/02Pikeville, KY
Title held up after a match against Dirty White Boy on 93/05/15/93 in Johnson City, TN.
Tracy Smothers [2]1993/06/11Knoxville, TN
Defeats Dirty White Boy in rematch.
Brian Lee [2]1993/07/17Johnson City, TN
Dirty White Boy [2]1994/02/13Knoxville, TN
Jake Roberts1994/05/02Harriman, TN
Dirty White Boy [3]1994/07/05Warrensville, NC *
Jerry Lawler1995/01/28Knoxville, TN
Bobby Blaze1995/02/26Knoxville, TN
Buddy Landel1995/04/08Johnson City, TN
Title held up following a disputed finish in a match against Brad Armstrong on 95/07/01 in Barbourville, KY.
Brad Armstrong1995/08/12Johnson City, TN
Defeats Buddy Landel in rematch.
Terry Gordy1995/10/20Knoxville, TN
Wins the belt by pinning Armstrong in a tag team match where Gordy teams with Thrasher against Armstrong & Wolfman.
Brad Armstrong [2]1995/11/23Knoxville, TN
Tommy Rich1995/11/25Johnson City, TN
Jerry Lawler [2]1995/12/26 Louisville, KY
Title retired in 96.