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Pro Wrestling Federation
Tag Team Title

First champions.
Matt Storm & Johnny Knieval2007/08/11
Josh Crawford & Johnny Knieval2008/02/19
Deathriders2008/05/10Rogersville, TN
Fightin' O'Malleys2008/06/14Rogersville, TN
Dustin Steal & Anthony Arcane2008/07/19Rogersville, TN
Josh Crawford & Johnny Knieval [2]2008/09/06Rogersville, TN
Defeat Steal & Arcane and the Fightin' O'Malleys in 3-way match.
Fightin' O'Malleys [2]2008/11/27Rogersville, TN
Mondern Day Superstar & Josh Crawford2009/04/25<
Mike Blade & Jake Roberts2009/05/09Kingsport, TN
Mike Blade & Cody Blade2009/05/16
Cody replaces Roberts, who can not appear on the card to defend the title.
World's Greatest Superstars2009/06/19<
Mike Blade & Cody Blade [2]2009/06/26Greenville, TN
Fallen: Hedkase & Minister of Darkness2009/09/06
Southern Storm & Jay Shaft2009/10/30Rogersville, TN
Defeat the Hoggs and the Fallen in 3-way match.
Mike Blade & Cody Blade [3]2009/10/30Rogersville, TN
Russian Crime Syndicate2010/02/13Rogersville, TN
Or sometime between 10/01/07 and 10/02/12.
HoggShaft 2010/03/27 Kingsport, TN
Deathriders2010/07/10Rogersville, TN
Mike Blade & Mondern Day Superstar2010/09/11
Fallen [2]2011/02/05Rogersville, TN
Mike Blade & Mondern Day Superstar [2]2011/02/19Rogersville, TN
Rockstars from Outerspace: Jay Shaft & Chris Graves2011/04/09Rogersville, TN
Defeat Blade & Superstar and 420 Hit Squad in 3-way match.
Team Painstar: Alex Pain & Modern Day Superstar2011/09/10Rogersville, TN
Rockstars from Outerspace [2]2011/10/22Rogersville, TN
Team Painstar [2]2011/11/26Rogersville, TN
Still champions as of 11/12/16.
Beau James & Josh Crawford2012/01/14Rogersville, TN
Illuminati: Chris Richards & Tony Givens2012/03/10Morristown, TN
Lose to Beau James & Josh Crawford on 12/03/30 in Kingsport, TN but awarded back since Crawford has not been medically cleared to compete; defeat Keith Knox & Jeff Connelly (subbing for Wayne Adkins, with whom Knox holds NWA Smoky Moutain Title), Big Daddy Freddie & Josh Crawford, and Legit Dynamite: Derik Billings & Bryan Kyle in a title unification 4-way match on 12/05/05 in Kingsport, TN to become the NWA East Tennessee champions; eventually renamed NWA Tennessee Title.

* See NWA Tennessee Tag Team Title.

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