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Pro Wrestling Federation
Hardcore Title

Jay Shaft2008/09/06Rogersville, TN
Wins battle royal to become the first champion.
Mayor of Parts Unknown2008/09/06 Rogersville, TN
Jay Shaft [2]2008/11/08Rogersville, TN
Travis Dykes2008/11/22Kingsport, TN
Matt Storm2008/11/22Kingsport, TN
J.D. Hogg 2009/03/27 Kingsport, TN
Ace Danielson 2009/05/08 Rogersville, TN
Sarah Lynn2009/05/09Kingsport, TN
Defeats Danielson and Jay Shaft in 3-way match.
Ace Danielson [2]2009/05/17Kingsport, TN
Defeats Jay Shaft and Al Boreland in 3-way match.
Josh Crawford2009/05/22Rogersville, TN
Defeats Danielson, Jay Shaft, Texas Ranger, Travis Dykes, and Big Daddy Freddie.
Jay Shaft2009/06/20<
Big Daddy Freddie2009/09/06
Dynamite2009/10/30Rogersville, TN
Sergei Malenko2009/11/26
Wins battle royal; also wins Television Title, defeating Johnny Knieval in double title match on 10/02/13 in Rogersville, TN.

* See PWF Television Title.

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