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Championship Wrestling Alliance
Television Title

Super Destroyer2004/01/28Kingsport, TN
Reigning SSW Appalachian champion, awarded the CWA Television Title.
Eric Darkstorm2004/03/20Greeneville, TN
Thorn2004/11/14Kingsport, TN
Tony Givens2005/05/28Kingsport, TN
Robbie Cassidy2005/09/24Kingsport, TN
Bill Bigelow2005/11/19Bristol, TN
Matt Scott2006/03/03Kingsport, TN
Wins a 3-way match against Bigelow and Cody Ices.
Cody Ices2006/04/22Elizabethton, TN
Nick Hammonds2006/06/17Kingsport, TN
Thorn [2]2007/02/17Greeneville, TN
Brian Logan2008/03/01Kingsport, TN
Wayne Adkins2008/05/17Greeneville, TN
Chase Owens2008/09/02Johnson City, TN
Nick Hammonds [2]2008/10/25Kingsport, TN
Eric Darkstorm [2]2009/03/14Bristol, TN
Vacant on 09/05/19 when Darkstorm retires.
Cody Ices [2]2010/01/23Johnson City, TN
Defeats Nick Hammonds.
Skylar Kruze2010/06/12Elizabethton, TN
Cody Ices [3]2010/06/12Elizabethton, TN
Keith Knox2010/07/17Bristol, TN
Becomes NWA Smoky Mountain Title in 11/02.

* See NWA Smoky Mountain Television Title.