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Last updated on 2014/05/09

All Star Championship Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Mongolian Stomper (Archie Gouldie)1990/03/02Knoxville, TN
Defeats Chris Powers.
Chris Powers1990/03
Mongolian Stomper [2]1990/03/17
Jimmy Golden1990
Doug Vines1990/07/27Knoxville, TN
Jimmy Golden [2]1990/09/22Knoxville, TN
Doug Vines [2]1990
Jimmy Golden [3]1990
Joe Cazana1990/12/15Knoxville, TN
Doug Vines [3]1991
Wendell Cooley1991/04/17Crossville, TN
Doug Vines [4]1991/04/27Knoxville, TN
Jimmy Golden [4]1991
Vacant in 91.
Johnny Meadows1991/10/05Morristown, TN
Wins battle royal.
Doug Vines [5]1992/03<
Dash Riprock1992

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