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Tag Team Title

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Gary Young & Max Pain (Daryl Peterson)88/02/01Memphis, TN
Defeat Manny Fernandez & Jeff Jarrett in tournament final.
Bruise Brothers: Ron Harris & Don Harris 88/02/29Memphis, TN
Gary Young & Max Pain [2]88/03/07Memphis, TN
Bruise Brothers [2]88/03/28Memphis, TN
Cuban Choir Boys88/05/02Memphis, TN
Scott Steiner & Bill Travis88/05/29Memphis, TN
Gary Young & Don Bass88/06/06Memphis, TN
Scott Steiner & Bill Travis [2]88/06/27Memphis, TN
RPMs: Mike Davis & Tommy Lane 88/08/15Memphis, TN
Declared vacant on 88/10/20 after a match against Bill Dundee & Todd Morton in Lewisburg, TN.
Gary Young & Cactus Jack Foley88/10/23Memphis, TN
Defeat Bill Dundee & Todd Morton.
Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden88/11/07Memphis, TN
Scott Steiner & Jed Grundy89/02/18Memphis, TN
Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden [2]89/02/25Memphis, TN
Vacant in 89/03 when Golden quits.
Tracy Smothers & John Paul89/03/13Memphis, TN
Defeat Robert Fuller & Perry Jackson.
Robert Fuller & Brian Lee89/05/04Morristown, KY
Billy Travis & Action Jackson89/06/05Memphis, TN
Title held-up after match with Wildside on 89/07/03 in Memphis, TN.
Wildside: Chris Champion & Mark Starr 89/07/10Memphis, TN
Defeat Travis & Jackson in rematch.
Rock'n'Roll Express: Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson 89/09/11Memphis, TN
Vacant in 89/11 when Gibson leaves the promotion.
Ricky Morton & Todd Morton89/12/04Memphis, TN
Win 4-team tournament; retired and replaced with USWA World Title in 90.

* See USWA World Tag Team Title.

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