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Last updated on 2017/07/21

Southern Women's Title
[United States]

Dolly Dalton 1937/06/03<
Billed as champion in Georgia.

Nell Stewart 1945/10/10<  
Billed as champion in Washington, DC; still champion as of 45/12/19; again billed as champion upon return to the area in 48/08.

Cora Combs 1952/10/03 Jackson, MS
Defeats Betty Hawkins for the "newly created title" (Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, MS, 52/10/05); also recognized in Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, W. Virginia and most likely other states as well; still champion as of 55/01/01.

Joyce Smith 1953/06/17<
Billed as champion in East Texas; still champion as of 53/08/23.

Cora Combs [2] 1961/10/02<  
Again billed as champion in Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, and probably other states; starts claiming the United States Title from 66/05.

Florida ( 1948< - 1961 )
Georgia ( 1959 - 1970 )