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Last updated on 2017/07/27

Southern Welterweight Title
[United States]

Americus (Gus Schoenlein) 1902/05/01 Baltimore, MD
Maryland champion, defeats Washington DC champion Robert Akers to be recognized as the Southern champion; still champion as of 02/09/18; separate from Washington DC version.

Walter Pelkey 1907/11/15<
Claims the title in Joplin, MO.

Charley Larringer # 1923/05/30<
Billed as champion in Boston, MA.

Soldier Mack 1925/09/20<
Billed as champion in Louisville, KY; also recognized in Jackson, MS as of 26/03.
Billy Romanoff 1926/04/09 Jackson, MS
Still champion in Jackson, MS as late as 32/04/28; also recognized in Cincinnati, OH and Battle Creek, MI; also billed as champion in Amarillo, TX as of 32/05/19; no longer champion as of 35/02/03.

Don Cortez #1931/03/30<
Recognized in Indiana.

Jack Case 1932/11/29<
Billed as champion in Dyersburg, TN.

Washington, DC ( 1900< - 1920s? )
Carolinas ( 1911< - 1920s? )
Florida ( 1926< - 1930s? )