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Pro Wrestling International
World Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/05/19)

The Pack: Ciaran McConnell & Keith Myatt2013/12/20
Britannia Wrestling Promotions Tag Team Title replaced with PWI World Title.
British Lions: Damon Leigh & Dave DelVecchio2014/05/03Prestatyn, Wales, GBR
The Models: Danny Hope & Joey Hayes2015/04/05Prestatyn, Wales, GBR
Vacant in 16.
Dean MacManus & Pyro 2016/05/21 Denbighshire, Wales, GBR
Defeat The Brand: Craig Winters & DJ King, YOLO Squad: Drew Parker & Ethan Silver, and WonderLand: Henry T. Grodd & Noah in 4-way match.
YOLO Squad: Drew Parker & Ethan Silver 2016/08/06 Rhyl, Wales, GBR
Island Brothers: Rio & Tabu 2016/09/30 Liverpool, GBR