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Last updated on 2017/02/04

Pacific Coast Light Heavyweight Title
[Oregon & Washington]

Lawrence Miller 1904/07/02 Bellingham, WA
Defeats Joe Carroll.
John Berg 1909/10/17<
Still/again champion as of 12/03/23; also billed as World champion and American champion.
Jack O'Neill 1917/03/23 La Grande, OR
Claimant of Pacific Northwest Title, defeats Berg to win Pacific Coast Title; still champion as of 17/11/10.
Young Norbeck 1918/07<
Also recognized as Pacific Northwest Title.
Ad Gustavo 1918/08/12 Bend, OR
Jack O'Neill [2] 1918/09/30<
Billed as champion in La Grande, OR.
Bert Hall 1921/09/16<
Claims the title in Portland, OR.
George Barnes 1926/02/20<  
Still champion as of 26/10/17.
Dr. Millikin 1931/12/09<  
Fred Bruno 1934/04/16 Portland, OR
Defeats George Dussette.
Tiger Milligan # 1938/08/06< 
Billed as champion in Salt Lake City, UT.
George Wagner (Gorgeous George) 1939/02/02Eugene, OR
Defeats Bulldog Jackson for "newly established" title.
Bulldog Jackson1939/02/16Eugene, OR
Eddie Roberts 1939/06/22 Eugene, OR
Bulldog Jackson [2]1939/07/27Eugene, OR
Prince Ilaki 1939/08/08 Salem, OR
In Ogden, UT, Ralph Morley is billed as champion as of 39/12/10.
Ernie Piluso 1939/10/26 Eugene, OR
Pete Belcastro1940/01/01Eugene, OR
Prince Ilaki [2]1940/02/29Eugene, OR
Herb Parks1940/05/09Eugene, OR
Vacant in 40/07 when Parks cannot return from Canada to defend the title.
Danny McShain 1940/07/18 Eugene, OR
Defeats George Wagner for the vacant title; still listed as champion as of 40/08/29.
Billy Raborn 1940/09 Los Angeles, CA *
Reported on an Eugene, OR paper on 40/09/11 as having defeated McShain; some reports have Raborn having defeated Jesse James in Hollywood, CA; Ralph Morley is billed as champion in Ogden, UT as of 40/10/09.
Billy McEuin 1940/12/25 Eugene, OR
Herb Parks [2] 1941/05/22 Eugene, OR
Billy McEuin [2] 1941/06/12 Eugene, OR
George Wagner [2] 1941/09/04 Eugene, OR
Herb Parks [3] 1942/02/05 Eugene, OR
Vacant in 42/02 when Parks cannot return from Canada to defend the title.
Jack Lipscomb1942/04/30Eugene, OR
Defeats Milt Olsen in 12-man tournament final.
Milt Olsen1942/05/21Eugene, OR
Jack Lipscomb [2] 1942/10/19 Portland, OR
In Ogden, UT, Ralph Morley is (still?) billed as champion as of 42/11/06 at least until 43/02/20.
George Wagner [3] 1943/05/10 Eugene, OR
Tony Ross1943/07/10Eugene, OR
George Wagner [4] 1943/11/01Eugene, OR
Paavo Ketonnen 1944/01
Billed as having defeated Wagner who has taken the title to California, where he continues to be recognized at least until 44/03/29.
Jack Kiser1944/08/22Salem, OR
Paavo Ketonnen [2]1945/07/28Eugene, OR
Al Szasz1946/05/06Portland, OR
Bruno Angelo (Angelo Curto) 1946/05/25 Eugene, OR
Holds Junior Heavyweight Title, defeats Szasz in a double title match; vacates after winning World Title on 46/08/19.
Gray Mask (Cyclone Mackey) 1946/10/27 Roseburg, OR
Defeats Sammy Cohen in tournament final.
Sammy Cohen 1946/11/08 Roseburg, OR
Billy Goelz 1946/12/22 Roseburg, OR
Gray Mask [2] 1947/02/03 Portland, OR
Leaves the territory in 47/04.
Billy Hickson 1947/09 Monterey, CA *
Reported on an Eugene, OR paper on 47/10/21 as having defeated Mask "three weeks ago".
Gypsy Joe Dorsetti1948/01/20Eugene, OR
Gordon Hessel1948/03/23Eugene, OR
Tex Hager 1948/12/28 Salem, OR
Jack O'Reilly 1949/01/22 Eugene, OR
Ben Sherman 1949/03/26Eugene, OR
Jack O'Reilly [2]1950/01/01Portland, OR
Eddie Williams1950/06/16Portland, OR
Gordon Hessel [2] 1950/10/14 Roseburg, OR
Eddie Williams [2] 1950/10/28 Roseburg, OR
Fred Mitchell # 1951/01/12 Walla Walla, WA
Disputed decision.
Eddie Williams # 1951/01/26 Walla Walla, WA
Wins rematch.
Dale Haddock 1951/02/19 Boise, ID
Frenchy Roy (Corsica Jean) 1951/07/20 Longview, WA
Buck Weaver 1952/03/29 Roseburg, OR
Frenchy Roy [2] 1952/05/03 Roseburg, OR
Bill Melby 1952/06/14 Eugene, OR
Jack Kiser [2] 1952/06/29 Roseburg, OR
Buck Weaver [2] 1954/05/15 Roseburg, OR
Jack Kiser [3] 1954/09/04 Roseburg, OR
Still champion as of 54/11/24; no longer champion as of 55/10/06.