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Last updated on 2014/04/22

Pacific Coast Light Heavyweight Title

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Milton Harnden 1917/02/14Bellingham, WA
Defeats Owen Dailey.
Ted Thye1924<
Billy Meeske1926/01/15Portland, OR
Defeats Mike Yokel.
Billy Edwards1926/02/18Portland, OR
George Wagner (Gorgeous George) 1933/05/10 Eugene, OR
Defeats Jack Lipscomb.
Fred Bruno1934/04/16Portland, OR
Defeats George Dussette.
Jack Lipscomb1936/12/10Eugene, OR
Defeats Walter Achieu.
George Wagner [2]1938/05/19Eugene, OR
Defeats Pat O'Dowdy.
Bulldog Jackson1939/02/16Eugene, OR
Eddie Roberts1939
Bulldog Jackson [2]1939/07/27Eugene, OR
Ernie Piluso1939
Pete Belcastro1940/01/01Eugene, OR
Prince Ilaki1940/02/29Eugene, OR
Herb Parks1940/05/09Eugene, OR
Billy Raeborn 1940/12<
Billy McEuin 1940/12/25 Eugene, OR
Herb Parks [2] 1941/05/22 Eugene, OR
Billy McEuin [2] 1941/06/12 Eugene, OR
George Wagner [3] 1941/09/04 Eugene, OR
Jack Lipscomb [2]1942/04/30Eugene, OR
Defeats Milt Olsen in tournament final.
Milt Olsen1942/05/21Eugene, OR
Jack Lipscomb [3] 1943/04/10<
George Wagner [4]1943/05/10
Tony Ross1943/07/10Eugene, OR
George Wagner [5] 1943/11/01Eugene, OR
Paavo Ketonnen 1944/01/21<
Jack Kiser [2]1944/08/22Salem, OR
Paavo Ketonnen [2]1945/07/28Eugene, OR
Jack Lipscomb [4]1945/07/30Portland, OR
Defeats George Dussette.
Joe Lynam1945/12/10Portland, OR
Jack Lipscomb [5]1946/01
Joe Lynam [2]1946/01/21Portland, OR
Paavo Ketonnen [3]1946/05<
Al Szasz1946/05/06Portland, OR
Paavo Ketonnen [4]1946
Billy Goelz 1947/01/16<
Gray Mask 1947/02/03 Portland, OR
Billy Hickson 1947/12/24<
Gypsy Joe Dorsetti1948/01/20Eugene, OR
Gordon Hessel1948/03/23Eugene, OR
Tex Hager 1948
Sometime after 48/04/27.
Jack O'Reilly 1949/01/15
Ben Sherman1949/03/05Eugene, OR
Buck Weaver1949/03/26
Jack O'Reilly [2]1950/01/01Portland, OR
Eddie Williams1950/06/16Portland, OR
Fred Mitchell # 1951/01/12 Walla Walla, WA
Disputed decision.
Eddie Williams # 1951/01/26 Walla Walla, WA
Wins rematch.
Dale Haddock 1951/02/28<
Sometime after 51/01/26; possibly on 51/02/09 in Walla Walla, WA where Haddock defeats Williams.
Frank Stojack 1951/03/16<
Still champion as of 51/12/05.
Frenchy Roy 1952/01/08<
Still champion as of 52/03/20.
Fred Mitchell
Andy Tremaine1952
Masked Marvel (Buddy Knox)1952
Jack Kiser [3] 1952/12/03<
Roger Mackay
Frank Stojack [2]1953
Danny McShain
Frank Stojack [3]
Recognition withdrawn in Portland.
Carl Engstrom1954
Buddy Knox [2]1954/03/24
Frank Stojack [4]
Jack Kiser [4]1954/04/29<
Still champion as of 54/10.
Danno McDonald 1954/11/08<

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