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Last updated on 2016/08/10

Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title

John Berg 1903/05/26 Whatcom, WA
Defeats Frank Unfred in a mixed catch-as-catch-can and Graeco-Roman match; still champion as of 03/10/03.
Sam McMillan 1905/09/17<  
Billed as champion in Des Moines, IA for a match against Farmer Burnes on 05/09/22; the match is also reported in Spokane, WA.
Jess Westergaard 1915/07/16 Portland, OR
Defeats Ben Bordsen.
Ben Bordsen (Moose Norbeck) 1916/12<  
I.A. Johnson 1916/12/11 Oregon City, OR
Jack O'Neil 1917/02/22 La Grande, OR
Aldo defeats Harold Christensen on 17/06/19 in La Grande, OR to become the "undisputed" Pacific Northwest champion.
Nick Daviscourt 1921/01/02<
Has been billed as champion in Boise, ID as early as 19/03/20 and in Phoenix, AZ as of 20/07/05 and 20/10/28; still champion in Pacific Northwest as of 21/07/27.
Bob Kruse # 1933/05/02<  
Claims the title in Oakland, CA.
Leo Papiano 1935/12/24<
Billed as champion in Helena, MT.
Sandor Szabo 1937/03/24 Portland, OR
Billed as California champion, defeats Northwest champion Red Shadow to become the "undisputed" Pacific Coast champion; also holds San Francisco version; still champion as of 37/09/15.
Bob Kruse 1938/06/22 Portland, OR
Claimant of Pacific Northwest Title, defeats Vary Cutler (Frank Cutler) to be reconigzed as Pacific Coast champion; still/again champion as of 38/08/30.
Sandor Szabo [2] 1941/01/12<  
Pat Fraley 1944/03/15<
Jim Casey 1944/04/26<
Rube Wright 1944/11/29<  
Dean Detton 1945/10/02<  
Also holds San Francisco version.