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NWA Pacific Northwest Television Title

Art Barr1987/11/21Portland, OR
Wins 9-man battle royal to become first champion.
Abbuda Dein (Rocky Iaukea) 1987/12/26Portland, OR
Declared vacant on 88/01/30 after a match against Coco Samoa.
The Assassin (David Sierra) 1988/02/16Portland, OR
Wins battle royal; vacant in 88 when Assassin loses loser-leaves-town match.
Col. DeBeers (Ed Wiskoski) 1988/08/16Portland, OR
Defeats Steve Doll in tournament final; stripped in 88/09 for failure to defend title.
Al Madril1988/10/09Finlay, OR
Top Gun (David Sierra) 1988/10/29Portland, OR
Abbuda Dein [2]1989/01/14Portland, OR
Carl Styles1989/01/28Portland, OR
Vacant in 89/04 because of injury.
Al Madril [2]1989/10/14Portland, OR
Rex King1989/11/25Portland, OR
Al Madril [3]1990/01/25Salem, OR
Ricky Santana1990/02/24Portland, OR
Scotty the Body1990/03/17Portland, OR
Title retired in 90.

Buddy Highway (Donovan Etzel) 2015/03/19  
Awarded when Blue Collar Wrestling joins the NWA.
Keith Atkins 2015/07/05 Portland, OR
Lonestar 2015/08/30 Portland, OR
Jameson Moonshine 2016/08/28 Portland, OR
Lance Dean 2016/12/18 Portland, OR
Ares Torretto 2017/02/05 Portland, OR
Zack Winters 2017/04/02 Portland, OR
Lonestar 2017/06/11 Portland, OR
NWA terminates the contracts with its licensees on 17/10/01.