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Last updated on 2015/11/12

World Welterweight Title
[Pacific Northwest]

Eddie O'Connell 1909/02/19<  
Recognized in Portland, OR; loses to Mike Yokel on 10/12/02 in Salt Lake City, UT but most likely continues to be recognized in Oregon; loses to claimant Walter Miller on 16/02/28 in Portland, OR with Miller exceeding the weight limit; again wrestles Miller to a draw on 16/05/23 in Portland, OR; still champion as of 17/01/27.
Peter Buzukos 1917/11/22<  
Already recognized in Texas as early as 17/03/27; still champion as of 18/05/29.
Jack Reynolds 1919/10/23 Cedar Rapids, IA
Recognized in Oregon as of 26/04/26; still/again recognized in the area as of 31/06/02.
Robin Reed [2] 1931/12/08<  
Returns from Ohio and is reported as having won a tournament to be recognized by the Midwest Wrestling Associaiton; Jack Reynolds is billed as NWA champion in Seattle, WA as of 32/06/03.
Henry Jones 1932/07/20 Salem, OR
Also recognized in California; also claims to defeat Jack Reynolds in Ohio in 37; recognized in Utah as Intermountain champion after 34.
Robin Reed [3] 1933/03/15 Portland, OR
Still champion as of 34/05/19.
Jack Reynolds [2] 1934/10/19<  
Recognized by the National Wrestling Association; vacates in 40.