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Last updated on 2016/07/29

World Tag Team Title
[Pacific Northwest]

Glen Knox & Jack Lipscomb 1948/03/25<  
Claim the title in Eugene, OR.
Ivan Gorky & Soldat Gorky 1950/12/16 Eugene, OR
Jack O'Reilly & Jack Carter 1951/11/10<  
Claim the World Title in Eugene, OR as of 51/11/10 but billed as claiming the Northwest Title by 51/11/27.
Ivan Gorky & Soldat Gorky [2] 1952/02/21<  
Still/again claim the world title, separately from Northwest Title, as of 53/12/16 and 54/03/20.

Ben Sharpe & Mike Sharpe 1960/01<  
Holders of the NWA San Francisco version are also billed as champions in Oregon.

* San Francisco (Big Time Wrestling) version is recognized in the 1960s and 70s.