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Championship Wrestling USA
Television Title

Bart Sawyer1992/08/22Portland, OR
Defeats Ron Harris in tournament final.
Mike Winner1992/10/10Portland, OR
John Rambo1992/10/14Salem, OR
Dirty White Boy (Bobby Blair) 1992/11/07
John Rambo [2]1992
Bart Sawyer [2]1993/01/09Portland, OR
Col. DeBeers1993/01/23Portland, OR
Bart Sawyer [3]1993/02/20Portland, OR
Col. DeBeers [2]1993/02/27Portland, OR
Silver Shadow1993/06/26Portland, OR
Col. DeBeers [3]1993/07/10Portland, OR
Bruiser Brian1994/01/22Portland, OR
Col. DeBeers [4]1994/02/26Portland, OR
Still/again holds the title in 96/02.
Buddy Wayne1996/02/18Vancouver, WA
Wins title when Wayne accidentally pins DeBeers in a match between Wayne & DeBeers and Bart Sawyer & Sumito.
Buddy Wayne [2]1996/07/07Vancouver, WA
Sumito [2]1996/09<
Buddy Wayne [3]1996/12<
Bart Sawyer [4]1996/12/15Vancouver, WA
Buddy Wayne [4]1996/12/22Vancouver, WA
Matt Borne1997/03/11Vancouver, WA
Colonel DeBeers [5]1997/03/18Vancouver, WA
Buddy Wayne [5]1997/04
Promotion closes in 97/06.

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