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Heavyweight Title
(as of 2016/11/25)

PWX Heavyweight Title ( 1995/10 - 1997 )
NWA East/PWX Heavyweight Title ( 1997 - 2001/06 )
Triple Crown Heavyweight Title ( 2001/06 - 2003 )
NWA East/PWX Heavyweight Title ( 2003 - 2007/05/05 )
AWC Heavyweight Title ( 2007/05/05 - 2007/11/17 )
NWA East/PWX Heavyweight Title ( 2007/11/17 - 2012/07 )
PWX Heavyweight Title ( 2012/07 - )

B.A. Briggs 1995/10/21 N. Versailles, PA
Defeats Vince Charming in tournament final; stripped in 96.
Vince Kaplack 1996/05/25 N. Versailles, PA
Defeats Sean Evans; vacates on 96/07/01.
Brian Anthony 1996/07/20 N. Versailles, PA
Wins a battle royal by eliminating Paul Atlas.
Salvatore Sincere 1997/03/07 N. Versailles, PA
T. Rantula 1997/03/08 Boswell, PA
Quinn Magnum 1997/11/22 N. Versailles, PA
Headshrinker Samu 1998/05/30 N. Versalles, PA
The Mauler 1998/08/07 N. Versailles, PA
Awarded when Samu is fired.
Sean Evans 1998/09/11 N. Versalles, PA
Bubba the Bulldog 1998/10/30 N. Versalles, PA
Awarded after Evans leaves the promotion but has to defeat "anyone" to keep the belt; defeats Referee Scott Venom to keep the title.
Headshrinker Samu [2] 1998/12/11 N. Versailles, PA
Defeats Hungarian Barbarian for title after Bubba is stripped.
Sean Evans [2] 1999/01/02 N. Versailles, PA
Samu and Bubba confront each other; Bubba claims to still be the champ for being never beaten; Evans comes out and claims he is still the champion since he was never officially stripped when he left promotion; everyone agrees that Evans is still the champion.
Headshrinker Samu [3] 1999/01/02 N. Versailles, PA
Big Poppa Gator 1999/04/24 N. Versailles, PA
Wins by forfeit when Samu no-shows.
Shane Douglas 1999/06/17 N. Versailles, PA
Bubba The Bulldog [2] 1999/07/02 N. Versailles, PA
Brian Anthony [2] 1999/10/28 Pittsburgh, PA
Also defeats Chris Hero to unify PWL Heavyweight Title on the same card; title held up on 99/11/27.
Brian Anthony [3] 1999/12/10 N. Versailles, PA
Defeats Crusher Hanson, Bubba the Bulldog, and Payne in a four-way, belt on a pole match; Anthony subbing for the injured Cody Michales.
Vince Kaplack [2] 2000/01/14 N. Versailles, PA
Race Steele 2000/04/21 N. Versailles, PA
Vacant in 00/06.
Lou Marconi 2000/06/02 N. Versailles, PA
Defeats Brian Anthony in tournament final.
Vince Kaplack [3] 2000/09/22 McKeesport, PA
Guido Corleone 2000/10/20 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Kaplack, Brandon K, Big Poppa Gator, Jimmy Anjel, and Paul Atlas in a 6-man scramble match.
Homicyde 2001/01/27 McKeesport, PA
Declared vacant and unified with PWX and PWL Heavyweight titles into Triple Crown Title in 01/06.
Brandon K.2001/06/23McKeesport, PA
Defeats Dirk Ciglar in tournament final to become the first Triple Crown Champion to unify NWA East, PWX, and PWL titles.
Crusher Hansen2001/11/24McKeesport, PA
Brandon K. [2]2001/12/15McKeesport, PA
Title returned to K.
Dirk Ciglar2001/12/29McKeesport, PA
Paul Atlas2002/05/10McKeesport, PA
Dirk Ciglar2002/09/14McKeesport, PA
Crusher Hansen [2]2002/10/12McKeesport, PA
Simply referred as NWA East/PWX Title from this reign; one title belt replaces the three belts.
Nikita Allanov2003/05/24McKeesport, PA
Justin Idol2003/10/25McKeesport, PA
Nikita Allanov [2]2004/02/28McKeesport, PA
Justin Idol # 2004/03/13 McKeesport, PA
Nikita Allanov # 2004/03/27 McKeesport, PA
Title returned to Allanov when the commissioner declares the match between Allanov and Idol a non-title match after reviewing involvement by Paul Atlas.
Mad Mike2004/03/27McKeesport, PA
Vacant on 04/06/19 when Mike announces his retirement due to injuries sustained on 04/06/05.
Devin Devine2004/06/19McKeesport, PA
Defeats Justin Idol, Brandon K., and Nikita Allanov in an elimination match; PWX stops calling itself NWA East prior to 2004 NWA convention.
Brandon K. [3]2004/09/25McKeesport, PA
Devin Devine [2]2005/01/08McKeesport, PA
Scottie Gash2005/07/09McKeesport, PA
Crusher Hansen [3]2005/11/12McKeesport, PA
Daron Smythe2006/02/12McKeesport, PA
Brandon K. [4]2006/05/28McKeesport, PA
Wins a 6-man elimination match against Scott Venom, Chris Taylor, Scottie Gash, Justin Idol, and Sam Slej.
Chris Taylor2006/10/28McKeesport, PA
Defeats AWC champion Crusher Hansen on 07/05/05 in McKeesport, PA to unify both titles.
Scottie Gash [2]2007/12/22McKeesport, PA
Sterling James Keenan2008/03/01McKeesport, PA
Scottie Gash [3] 2008/09/20 McKeesport, PA
Ashton Amherst 2009/08/07 McKeesport, PA
Patrick Hayes 2010/04/10 McKeesport, PA
Dash Bennett 2010/06/05 McKeesport, PA
Ashton Amherst [2] 2010/08/20 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Bennett and Stryder in a 3-way match.
Chris Taylor [2] 2010/09/25 McKeesport, PA
Wins a 4-way elimination match against Amherst, Dash Bennett, and Patrick Hayes.
Ryan Mitchell 2011/04/29 McKeesport, PA
Stryder 2011/05/21 McKeesport, PA
Ryan Reign 2012/06/29 McKeesport, PA
Jack Pollock 2013/04/06 McKeesport, PA
Chris Taylor [3] 2013/08/23 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Pollock in the final of the Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament; Gory pins Taylor later on the same card with a fast count by the referee, but the title is returned to Taylor on 13/09/07.
Jack Pollock [2] 2013/11/02 McKeesport, PA
Gory 2014/05/24 McKeesport, PA
Chris LeRusso 2014/10/25 McKeesport, PA
Ganon Jones Jr. 2015/03/28 McKeesport, PA
Lance Anoa'i 2015/11/21 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Jones, Cassidy Stone, and Jack Pollock in 4-way match; vacant on 16/04/09 for no-showing the scheduled title defense.
Lee Moriarty 2016/04/09 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Sonny Vince in a 4-man tournament final.
Kato 2016/04/09 McKeesport, PA
Cashes in his "Golden Ticket", which allows him to challenge for the title any time.
Brandon K. [5] 2016/05/21 McKeesport, PA
Jack Pollock [3] 2016/11/19 McKeesport, PA
Duke Davis 2016/12/03 McKeesport, PA
Crusher Hansen [4] 2017/02/18 McKeesport, PA
J.R. Mega 2017/03/18 McKeesport, PA
Kato [2] 2017/06/17 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Mega and Drake Braddock in 3-way match.
Dean Radford 2017/09/23 McKeesport, PA