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NWA Pro Wrestling eXpress ( 2002/03/02 - 2007/06/01 )
Atlas Wrestling Company ( 2007/06/01 - 2007/11/17 )
NWA East/Pro Wrestling eXpress ( 2007/11/17 - 2012/07 )
Pro Wrestling eXpress ( 2012/07 - 2012/08 )
Brass Knuckles Title

Nikita Allenov2002/03/02McKeesport, PA
Reigining NWA East Triple Jeorpardy champion, defeats Brandon K to unify NLW Ironman title on 02/03/02 in McKeesport, PA to become the first NWA PWX Brass Knuckles champion.
Mr. Bigg (Homicide) 2002/06/21McKeesport, PA
Devin Devine2002/08/02McKeesport, PA
Devin pins Bigg in a tag team match where the title is on the line if Bigg is pinned.
Nikita Allanov [2]2002/08/16McKeesport, PA
Sean Stylez2002/08/17Triadelphia, WV
Scott Gash2002/10/12McKeesport, PA
Quinn Magnum2003/05/10McKeesport, PA
Vacates on 03/07/19.
Brian Anthony2003/07/19McKeesport, PA
Defeats Brandon K.
Paul Atlas2003/12/20McKeesport, PA
Title retired on the same day when Atlas announces his retirement after the match.
Daron Smythe2005/11/20McKeesport, PA
Wins "Brass Knuckles Rumble" to win revived title.
Tyrone Evans2005/04/02McKeesport, PA
Scott Venom2005/06/11McKeesport, PA
Nikita Allanov [3]2005/09/03McKeesport, PA
Devin Devine [2]2005/09/17McKeesport, PA
Nikita Allanov [4]2005/10/15McKeesport, PA
Devil Bhudakahn2005/10/15McKeesport, PA
Wins battle royal.
Sam Slej2006/02/12McKeesport, PA
Scott Venom [2]2006/04/15McKeesport, PA
Sam Slej [2]2006/04/15McKeesport, PA
Scott Venom [3]2006/05/28McKeesport, PA
Stripped in 06 for inactivity.
Sabotage2006/10/28McKeesport, PA
Defeats Wes Craven.
Dash Bennett2006/11/11McKeesport, PA
Stripped on 07/06/01.
Chris LeRusso2007/06/01McKeesport, PA
Wins a battle royal to be recognized as AWC champion.
Dash Bennett [2]2007/07/06McKeesport, PA
Defeats LaRusso, Mantis, Gregory Irons and Matthew Justice in an elimination match.
Mantis2008/02/02McKeesport, PA
Patrick Hayes2008/05/03McKeesport, PA
Chris Taylor 2008/09/20 McKeesport, PA
Ashton Amherst 2009/01/17 McKeesport, PA
Jon Burton 2009/03/14 McKeesport, PA
Patrick Hayes [2] 2009/05/23 McKeesport, PA
Jon Burton 2009/07/17 McKeesport, PA
Troy Lords 2009/08/22 McKeesport, PA
Jason Cage 2009/09/26 McKeesport, PA
Devin Devine 2010/01/30 McKeesport, PA
Jason Cage [2] 2010/05/22 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Devine and Troy Lords in a 3-way match.
Mad Mike 2010/10/09 McKeesport, PA
Robert Parker Williams 2011/04/02 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Mad Mike and Chris LeRusso in a 3-way match.
Troy Lords [2] 2011/08/12 McKeesport, PA
Scottie Gash 2011/09/03 McKeesport, PA
Troy Lords [3] 2011/09/22 McKeesport, PA
Scottie Gash [2] 2011/11/03 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Lords & Paul Atlas in a handicap match.
Terry Ring 2011/11/03 McKeesport, PA
Vacant in 11/11.
Chris Taylor [2] 2011/11/19 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Ryan Mitchell and Jon Burton in a 3-way match.
J.R. Mega 2011/12/17 McKeesport, PA
Ashton Amherst [2] 2012/05/12 McKeesport, PA
J.R. Mega [2] 2012/08/04 McKeesport, PA
Title retired on the same day.