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Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1
Tag Team Title
(as of 2016/04/09)

Extreme Horsemen: Steve Corino & C.W. Anderson 2004/04/09 Quarryville, PA
Defeat Masato Tanaka & Guillotine Legrande to become the first champions; unify PWF Universal Title, defeating Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita on 05/03/25 in Hakodate, JPN.
Greg Spitz & Mark Mest2005/09/16Philadelphia, PA
King Kaluha & Larry Sweeney2006/01/29Boyertown, PA
Kid America & The Patriot2007/01/07Pottstown, PA
Vacant when 3KWrestling starts in 07/02.
Kid America & Ricky Landell 2008/02/15  
America is allowed to choose a new partner; vacant on 08/05/11 when America and Landell split.
Kid America & Steve Corino 2008/06/02 Maple Shade, NJ
Defeat Ricky Landell & King Kaluha; Corino vacates on 08/06/18 due to injury.
Inner Circle: Tommy Thunda & Vinnie Vertigo 2008/06/29 Limerick, PA
Defeat Paul Jaurdine & Larry Legend.
Ruthless Payne: Ryan Sawyer & Kevin Payne 2008/08/22Limerick, PA
Unify B4W Title, defeating Inner Circle on 09/01/30 in Neptune, NJ.
Inner Circle [2] 2009/05/31 Morganville, NJ
Recognized as WORLD-1 Title when the promotion restarts.
Symbol: Tommy Thunda & Chris Rockwell 2009/11
Rockwell replaces Vertigo; vacate in 09/12 for the W-1 Tag League.
Ricky Reyes & Ryan Sawyer 2009/12/27 Allentown, PA
Defeat Chris Rockwell & Roxie Cotton in the W-1 Tag League final.
Steve Corino & Colby Corino 2010/02/24 Allentown, PA
Kid America & Bobby Shields 2010/12/05 Jackson, NJ
Sumie Sakai & Roxie Cotton 2011/02/13 Jackson, NJ
A female team, win a 3-way match against America & Shields and Shane Hagadorn & Marcus Dillinger; Cotton vacates the title on 11/06/12 when Sakai cannot make the scheduled defense.
Pelle Primeau & Mike Matixx 2011/06/12 Jackson, NJ
Defeat Special Forces: Super Sweet & Milo Shizo.
Kid America & Super Sweet 2011/12/04 Jackson, NJ
WORLD-1 closes in 12; again recognized as champions when the promotion restarts in 16/02.
Extreme Rednecks: Chuck Payne & Kyle Payne 2016/04/09 Morganville, NJ
Tito Santana & Travis Lee 2016/04/09 Morganville, NJ