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IWA Light Heavyweight Title ( 2000/10 - 2001 )
PWF Junior Heavyweight Title ( 2001 - 2003/05 )

Evan Leppy00/10/19Reading, PA
Defeats Guillotine LeGrande to become the first IWA Light Heavyweight champion; title becomes PWF Junior Heavyweight Title in 01; declared vacant on 01/03/15 when a match against Billy Bax ends with double pin.
Amazing Red01/04/12Pottstown, PA
Defeats Leppy and Bax in a 3-way match.
Billy Bax01/08/15Pottstown, PA
Defeats Red and Tony Kozina in a 3-way match.
Amazing Red [2]01/12/13Pottstown, PA
Quiet Storm02/06/09Pottstown, PA
Defeats Red in Ultimate Rumble elimination match; title retired in 03/05.

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