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Combat Zone Wrestling
World Tag Team Title

(as of 2016/02/13)

Jon Dahmer & Jose Rivera Jr.1999/02/13Mantua, NJ
Awarded as the first champions.
The Brothers of East L.A. 1999/02/13 Mantua, NJ
Extreme Fahrenheit: Mr. Motion & Heartbreaker 1999/05/22 Mantua, NJ
Vacant on 99/06/19 after a match against Jon Dahmer & Midknight in Mantua, NJ ends as a double pinfall.
The King Pinz: Bill Schaffer & Jim Price 1999/07/17Mantua, NJ
Defeat Extreme Fahrenheit: Heartbreaker & Mr. Motion and Jon Dahmer & Midknight in a 3-way match; vacant in 99/07.
Nick Gage & John Zandig1999/07/24Mantua, NJ
Defeat Jon Dahmer & Lobo.
Lobo & T.C.K.1999/10/09National Park, NJ
Win a 4-way match against Gage & Pain, Kashmirenos: Johnny Kashmere & Robbie Mireno, and Thrill Kill Kult.
Justice Pain1999/11/20Mantua, NJ
Wins a handicap match.
Thrill Kill Kult: Midknight & Diablos Macabre2000/01/08Mantua, NJ
Defeat Pain in a handicap match.
Kashmirenos: Johnny Kashmere & Robbie Mireno2000/02/05Sewell, NJ
Charles Haas & Russ Haas2000/02/12Blackwood, NJ
Win a 4-corners match.
Backseat Boys: Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere2000/06/10Sewell, NJ
Kashmere defeats Russ in a singles match.
Nick Mondo & Ric Blade 2000/08/12 Sewell, NJ
H8 Club: Wifebeater & Justice Pain 2000/10/07 Sewell, NJ
H8 Club: Nick Gage & Nate Hatred2001/04/04Dover, DE
Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe [2]2001/07/14Smyrna, DE
Backseat Boys [2]2001/07/28Sewell, NJ
Men's Teioh & Jun Kasai 2001/08/17Nagoya, JPN
Backseat Boys [3]2001/08/19Yokahama, JPN
VD: Jon Dahmer & Eddie Valentine2002/03/09Philadelphia, PA
H8 Club: Nick Gage & Nate Hatred [2] 2002/05/11 Philadelphia, PA
Backseat Boys [4] 2003/02/08 Philadelphia, PA
Rebel's Army: Greg Matthews & Derek Frazier 2004/01/17 Philadelphia, PA
Win in a 6-man tag team match.
H8 Club [3] 2004/04/03 Philadelphia, PA
BLK-OUT: Ruckus & Sabian 2004/06/12 Philadelphia, PA
Team CA$H 2004/12/11 Philadelphia, PA
H8 Club: Nick Gage & Justice Pain 2005/02/05 Philadelphia, PA
Tough Crazy Bastards: Necro Butcher & Toby Klein 2005/07/09 Philadelphia, PA
Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro) 2005/09/10 Philadelphia, PA
BLK-OUT: Eddie Kingston & Joker 2006/02/11 Philadelphia, PA
Vacant on 06/09/09 when Joker leaves the promotion.
Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli [2]2006/10/14Philadelphia, PA
Defeat Justice Pain & Human Tornado in tournament final.
BLK-OUT: Sabian & Robbie Mireno 2006/11/11 Philadelphia, PA
Blackout: Onyx & Rainman 2006/12/09 Philadelphia, PA
BLK-OUT: Ruckus & Sabian [2] 2007/01/13 Philadelphia, PA
Team AnDrew: Drew Gulak & Andy Sumner 2007/09/08 Philadelphia, PA
Niles Young & Derek Frazier 2007/10/13 Philadelphia, PA
Danny Demanto & Jon Dahmer 2007/12/08 Philadelphia, PA
Naptown Dragons: Scotty Vortekz & Dustin Lee 2008/02/09 Philadelphia, PA
Team AnDrew [2] 2008/07/12 Philadelphia, PA
2G1C: Greg Excellent & Beef Wellington 2008/10/11 Philadelphia, PA
BLK-OUT: Ruckus & Sabian [3] 2008/10/11 Philadelphia, PA
2G1C [2] 2008/11/08 Philadelphia, PA
Best Around: T.J. Cannon & Bruce Maxwell 2009/03/14 Philadelphia, PA
Eddie Kingston & Drake Younger 2010/04/10 Philadelphia, PA
Stripped on 10/07/10 when Kingston leaves the promotion.
Philly's Most Wanted: Joker & Sabian 2010/12/11 Philadelphia, PA
Defeat the Osirian Portal: Amasis & Ophidian in tournament final.
Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe [3] 2011/02/12 Philadelphia, PA
Philly's Most Wanted [2] 2011/05/14 Philadelphia, PA
4Loco: Azrieal & Bandido Jr. 2011/11/12 Philadelphia, PA
Nation of Intoxication: Devon Moore & Lucky 13 2012/08/11 Voorhees, NJ
4Loco [2] 2012/10/13 Voorhees, NJ
Nation of Intoxication: Devon Moore & Lucky 13 & Danny Havoc 2012/12/08 Voorhees, NJ
Defeat 4Loco: Azreal & Bandido Jr. & Alex Colon & Chrissy Rivera in an Ultraviolent Insanity Match.
Catalyst: Dustin Rayz & Eric Ryan 2013/02/09 Voorhees, NJ
Defeat the Nation of Intoxication and OI4K: Jake & Dave Crist in 3-way match.
BLK-OUT: Ruckus & BLK Jeez 2013/04/05 Secaucus, NJ
Beaver Boys: Alex Reynolds & Johnny Silver 2014/01/11 Voorhees, NJ
Juicy Product: David Starr & J.T. Dunn 2014/04/27 Providence, RI
OI4K: Dave Crist & Jake Crist 2014/09/27 Dayton, OH
Team Tremendous: Bill Carr & Dan Barry 2015/07/11 Philadelphia, PA
Defeat OI4K, the Beaver Boys: Alex Reynolds & John Silver, and the Young Bucks: Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson in 4-way match.
#TVReady: BLK Jeez & Pepper Parks 2015/12/12 Voorhees, NJ
Defeat Barry & Sozio (subbing for Carr).