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Combat Zone Wrestling
World Junior Heavyweight Title

Sensational One1999/02/13Mantua, NJ
Awarded as the first champion.
Quicksilver 1999/02/13 Mantua, NJ
Sensational One [2] 1999/03/27 Mantua, NJ
Justice Pain 1999/04/03 Mantua, NJ
Ric Blade 1999/07/19 Mantua, NJ
Justice Pain [2] 2000/04/08 Sewell, NJ
Trent Acid 2000/06/09 Paulsboro, NJ
The W*inger 2000/07/01 Tokyo, JPN
Vacates in 00 due to injury.
Men's Teioh2000/09/15Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Trent Acid.
Jun Kasai 2001/05/04 Sappora, JPN
Trent Acid [2] 2001/08/19
Teams with Johnny Kashmere to defeat Kasai & MEN's Teioh in a tag team match in which the stipulation is all the titles held by participants are on the line; vacant when a double title match against BJW champion Kashmere on 01/09/29 in Sewell, NJ ends as a double pinfall.
Ruckus2001/12/02Yokohama, JPN
Defeats Acid and The Winger in a 3-way match to win both CZW World and BJW titles.
Trent Acid [3]2001/12/15Philadelphia, PA
Wins both titles; loses BJW Title to The W*inger on 02/03/03 in Yokohama, JPN.
Ruckus [2] 2003/01/18 Philadelphia, PA
Sonjay Dutt 2003/10/13 Philadelphia, PA
Alex Shelley 2005/01/08 Philadelphia, PA
Mike Quackenbush 2005/02/05 Philadelphia, PA
Wins a 4-way match against Shelly, Sexxxy Eddy, and Arsenal.
Sabian 2005/04/02 Philadelphia, PA
Mike Quackenbush [2] 2005/06/11 Philadelphia, PA
Wins a 4-way match against Sabian and B-Boy.
Derek Frazier2005/09/10Philadelphia, PA
Wins a 4-way match against Quackenbush,  Kenny the Bastard, and Niles Young.
Niles Young2006/03/11Philadelphia, PA
Wins a 6-way ladder match against Frazier, Cheech, Cloudy, Sabian, and Heretic.
Sexxxy Eddy 2006/07/08 Philadelphia, PA
Sonjay Dutt [2] 2006/09/09 Philadelphia, PA
Jigsaw 2006/09/09 Philadelphia, PA
Scotty Vortekz 2007/04/07 Philadelphia, PA
Danny Havoc 2007/09/08 Philadelphia, PA
Wins a 5-way ladder match against Havoc, DieHard, Joker, and Drake Younger.
Sabian [2] 2007/10/13 Philadelphia, PA
Chuck Taylor 2008/05/10 Philadelphia, PA
Stripped on 08/10/11.
Ryan McBride2008/12/13Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Pinkie Sanchez, Carter Grey, Ego Fantastico, and Dan Paysan in the Ultraviolent TLC Match.
Egotistico Fantastico 2009/05/09 Philadelphia, PA
Drew Blood 2009/09/12 Philadelphia, PA
Greg Excellent 2009/12/12 Philadelphia, PA
Sabian [3] 2010/02/13 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Excellent, Drew Blood, Devon Moore, Ego Fantastico, and Adam Colein in a 6-way match.
Adam Cole 2010/05/08 Philadelphia, PA
Sami Callihan 2011/11/12 Philadelphia, PA
Drake Younger 2012/05/05 Bloomington, IN
Sami Callihan [2] 2012/07/14 Voorhees, NJ
A.R. Fox 2012/07/14 Voorhees, NJ
Unified with Wired Television Title when Fox defeats Dave Crist on 12/09/08 in Voorhees, NJ in a double title match.

* See CZW Wired Television Title.