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Combat Zone Wrestling
Iron Man Title

Lobo1999/02/13Mantua, NJ
Defeats Derrick Domino.
Justice Pain1999/06/19Mantua, NJ
Lobo [2]1999/10/16Mantua, NJ
Wifebeater2000/03/11Sewell, NJ
Madman Pondo2000/06/10Sewell, NJ
Wifebeater [2]2000/10/07Sewell, NJ
Nate Hatred2000/11/11Sewell, NJ
Wifebeater [3]2001/01/21N. Smyrna, DE
Lobo [3]2001/02/10Sewell, NJ
Wins a 3-way match.
Nick Gage [2]2001/07/28Sewell, NJ
Nick Mondo2001/08/18Sewell, NJ
Wins a 3-way match.
Nick Berk2001/10/27Sewell, NJ
Adam Flash2001/12/15Philadelphia, PA
Wins a 3-way match.
Nick Mondo [2]2002/05/11Philadelphia, PA
Justice Pain [2]2002/06/08Philadelphia, PA
Wins a 3-way match.
Adam Flash [2]2002/07/13Philadelphia, PA
Messiah2002/10/12Philadelphia, PA
Nick Mondo [3]2003/02/08Philadelphia, PA
Vacant on 05/06/25.
Trent Acid2003/09/13Philadelphia, PA
Wins a tournament 3-way final.
Jimmy Rave2003/12/13Philadelphia, PA
Chris Hero2004/05/01Philadelphia, PA
B-Boy2004/12/11Philadelphia, PA
Franky The Mobster2005/02/05Philadelphia, PA
Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens)2005/08/13Philadelphia, PA
LuFisto2006/08/12Philadelphia, PA
Wins in a barbed-wire steel cage elimination match; vacates on 07/01/13 due to a back injury.
D.J. Hyde2007/02/10Philadelphia, PA
Defeated Chris Hero and Adam Flash in a 3-way match.
Toby Klein2007/05/12Philadelphia, PA
D.J. Hyde [2]2007/09/08Philadelphia, PA
Joker2007/11/10Philadelphia, PA
Brain Damage2008/01/12Philadelphia, PA
D.J. Hyde [3]2008/06/14Philadelphia, PA
Defeat Damage, Danny Havoc, and Insane Lane in a 4-way match.
Brain Damage [2]2008/07/12Philadelphia, PA
Sami Callihan2009/02/14Philadelphia, PA
Egotistico Fantastico 2009/06/13 Philadelphia, PA
Title retired on 09/07/11.