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CHIKARA Young Lions Cup
(as of 2018/02/17)

Hallowicked2002/11/16Allentown, PA
Defeats Mister ZERO in the Young Lions Cup Tournament final; vacates in 04/07 for the annual tournament.
Larry Sweeney2004/07/31Emmaus, PA
Defeats Jigsaw in the Young Lions Cup II Tournament final.
Jigsaw2004/11/19Reading, PA
Vacates in 05/07 for the annual tournament.
Shane Storm2005/07/24Pittston, PA
Defeats Icarus in the Young Lions Cup III Tournament final; vacates in 06/06 for the annual tournament.
Arik Cannon2006/06/25Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Cheech in the Young Lions Cup IV Tournament final.
Maxime Boyer2006/10/28Philadelphia, PA
Vacates in 07/06 for the annual tournament.
Chuck Taylor2007/06/24Hellertown, PA
Defeats Ricochet in the Young Lions Cup V Tournament final.
Helios2007/10/27Barnesville, PA
Vacates in 08/06 for the annual tournament.
Fire Ant2008/06/15Hellertown, PA
Defeats Vin Gerard in the Young Lions Cup VI Tournament final.
Vin Gerard2008/07/13Philadelphia, PA
Stripped on 08/12/14 after a match against Jimmy Olsen ends as DDQ.
Equinox (Jimmy Olsen)2009/01/25Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Vin Gerard; vacates in 09/08 for the annual tournament.
Player Dos 2009/08/16 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Colin Delaney in the Young Lions Cup VII Tournament final.
Tim Donst 2010/01/31Philadelphia, PA
Vacates in 10/08 for the annual tournament.
Frightmare 2010/08/29 Reading, PA
Defeats Lince Dorado in the Young Lions Cup VIII Tournament final; vacates in 11/08 for the annual tournament.
Tadasuke 2011/08/27 Easton, PA
Defeats Green Ant in the Young Lions Cup IX Tournament final.
Mark Angelosetti 2012/08/18 Indianapolis, IN
Defeats ACH in the Young Lions Cup X Tournament final; vacant in 13/06 when the promotion is temporarily inactive.
Heidi Lovelace 2014/12/06 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Missile Assault Ant in the Young Lions Cup XI Tournament final; vacates in 16/02 for the annual tournament.
The Estonian Thunderfrog 2016/02/06 Reading, PA
Defeats Wani in the Young Lions Cup XII tournament final; vacates in 17/02 for the annual tournament.
Space Monkey 2017/02/04 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats The Whisper in the Young Lions Cup XIII tournament final.
Wani (Kai Katana) 2017/04/01 Fern Park, FL
Sylverhawk 2017/06/04 Philadelphia, PA
Hermit Crab 2017/06/18 Philadelphia, PA
Razerhawk 2017/07/23 Philadelphia, PA
Ophidian (The Whisper) 2017/10/15 Philadelphia, PA