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West Coast Wrestling Connection
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/07/29)

* Also billed as an NWA Northwest Title between 2011/07 and 2012/09.

OTB: Memphis Raines & Mike Dempsey2005/05/15Salem, OR
First champions.
Critter & Cole Bishop2005/12/18Salem, OR
Critter defeats OTB in a handicap match.
Damon Scythe & J-Sin Sullivan2006/02/18Eugene, OR
Critter & Cole Bishop [2]2006/02/19Salem, OR
Franchise Players: Cedric the Hitman & G-Shock2006/03/19Salem, OR
The Outlaw (Wade Hess) & Tim Anderson2006/07/16Salem, OR
Jason Styles & Tim Anderson 2006/10/14
Styles replaces the Outlaw.
Cosmic River & J-Sin Sullivan2006/10/15Salem, OR
Havoc & Twist2006/11/19Salem, OR
Rollin 2 Deep: Cadillac Caliss & Wildcard2007/04/15Salem, OR
Defeat Twist & Kid Kool.
Jenkins Cousins: Billy Jenkins & Bobby Jenkins2007/08/19Salem, OR.
Franchise Players: Cedric the Hitman & Dr. Kliever2007/10/21Salem, OR.
Still champions as of 08/04/20.
Shoot 2 Kill: Dustin Snyder & Erik Baeden2008/09/27Springfield, OR
G.Q. Gallo & Mike Modest2009/02/28Springfield, OR
Aaron Bolo & Mike Santiago2009/04/18Springfield, OR
Domestic Partnership: Bobby Fletcher & Deryck Crosse2009/06/27Springfield, OR
Paynefully Large: Chuck Payne & Patrick Large2009/10/31Portland, OR
Stripped immediately after the match.
Shoot 2 Kill [2]2010/02/21Springfield, OR
Defeat Aaron Bolo & Mike Santiago in tournament final; vacant on 10/10/02 when Snyder retires.
El Tucson & Pretty Peter Avalon2010/11/21Springfield, OR
Defeat Erik Baeden & Jonas Albert Robinson.
The Faction: Erik Baeden & George Michael2011/02/19Molalla, OR
Paynefully Large [2]2011/07/17Salem, OR
Love American Style: Freddy Bravo & Nate Andrews2011/11/20Salem, OR
Can-Am Experience: Dillon Divine & Matt X-Static2012/03/25Salem, OR
Defeat Love American Style and Eric Right & Ethan HD in a 3-way match.
Maxwell Chicago & Champ Mathews2012/09/30Salem, OR
Declared vacant after a match against Can-Am Experience on 12/11/04.
Family Stone: Cedric the Hitman & Erik Baeden2013/04/06Salem, OR
Defeat the Can-Am Experience in tournament final.
House Of Hess: Cody Smith & Wade Hess 2013/08/04 Salem, OR
Defeat Cedric & Jonas Albert Robinson, subbing for the injured Baeden; vacant on 13/10/06 after a match against the Family Stone: Cedric the Hitman & Erik Baeden.
Amerikan Guns: Ethan H.D. & Mike Santiago 2013/12/01Salem, OR
Defeat the Hippies: Peaceful Willow & Seagull Dream, Cody Smith & Eric Right, Geronimo Jones & Kris Klash, Jay Maddix & Matt XStatic, Freddy Bravo & Johnny Yuma, Nate Andrews & Nick Madrid, and Pretty Intelligent: Ashton Vuitton & Causmo in "Stampede Rumble".
Caleb Konley & Mikey O'Shea 2014/07/05 Portland, OR
Amerikan Guns [2] 2014/07/05 Portland, OR
Dan Joseph & Eric Right 2014/08/03 Salem, OR
Amerikan Guns [3] 2014/08/04  
Title returned by WCWC office.
Gangrel & Mikey O'Shea 2014/11/01 Portland, OR
Wrecking Crew: Alexander Hammerstone & The Grappler 3 2014/11/16 Portland, OR
Jeremy Blanchard & Mikey O'Shea 2015/02/28 Portland, OR
Vacant on 15/04/04 when the team splits.
Whirlwind Gentlemen: Jack Manley & Remy Marcel 2015/05/09 Portland, OR
Defeat Jeremy Blanchard & Kevin Kross.
Amerikan Guns [4] 2015/09/05 Portland, OR
Whirlwind Gentlemen [2] 2015/09/05 Portland, OR
Greg Romero & Ricky Gibson 2016/01/02 Portland, OR
Vacant on 16/05/07.
Bonu$ Boyz: Clutch Kucera & Sugar Brown 2016/06/11 Portland, OR
Defeat Adam Thornstowe & Jeff Boom, Marcus Malone & Mikey O'Shea, and J.J. Garrett & Ricky Gibson in 4-way elimination match.
Gangrel & Sinn Bohdi 2016/08/06 Portland, OR
Bonu$ Boyz [2] 2016/08/06 Portland, OR
Fight & Flight: Mikey O'Shea & Damian Drake 2017/06/03 Clackamas, OR