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West Coast Wrestling Connection
Legacy Title
(as of 2017/07/29)

Jeremy Blanchard 2013/09/01 Salem, OR
Defeats Eric Right to become the first champion.
Big Duke 2014/05/03Salem, OR
Alexander Hammerstone 2014/08/03 Salem, OR
Vacant when Hammerstone wins Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title on 14/12/13 in Porland, OR.
Gangrel 2015/01/10 Portland, OR
Defeats The Grappler #3.
Caleb Konley 2015/02/28 Portland, OR
Mikey O'Shea 2015/07/04 Portland, OR
Joey Ryan 2015/08/08 Portland, OR
Stripped in 15/10 for not defending the title more than 30 days.
The Grappler #3 2015/10/03 Portland, OR
Defeats Adam Thornstowe. Exile, and Tyshaun Prince in 4-way match; still champion as of 16/01/02.
Eric Right 2016/04/02 Portland, OR
Vacates the Pacific Northwest Title after defeats the Grappler #3 in a double title match.
Ethan HD 2016/06/11 Portland, OR
Held up / vacant after a match against Eric Right on 16/09/03 in Portland, OR.
Ethan HD [2] 2016/10/01 Portland, OR
Defeats Right in rematch; vacant in 17/01.
Ricky Gibson 2017/02/04 Portland, OR
Defeats Adrian Matthews and Eric Right in 3-way match after the three hit the floor at the same time during a battle royal on 17/01/30 in Portland, OR.
Gangrel [2] 2017/04/01 Portland, OR
Ricky Gibson [2] 2017/04/15 Portland, OR
Remy Mercel 2017/07/29 Clackamas, OR