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WCWC Lightning Division Title ( 2006/01 - 2007 )
AWA Washington Heavyweight Title ( 2007 - 2008 )
WCWC Lightning Division Title ( 2008 - 2013/09 )

* Also billed as an NWA Northwest Title between 2011/07 and 2012/09.

Mike Dempsey2006/01/15Salem, OR
Defeats Christopher Ryseck in a tournament final.
Cosmic River2006/05/21Salem, OR
Christopher Ryseck2006/08/19Corvallis, OR
Declared vacant after a 4-way match against Erik Baeden, J.D. Mason, and Twist on 07/03/18.
Aaron Bolo2007/08/19
Defeats Erik Baeden, Dustin Snyder, and G-Shock in 4-way match; briefly recognized as AWA Washington Heavyweight Title during the promotion's affiliation between 07 and 08.
Cedric the Hitman2008/02/02Roseburg, OR
Mike Santiago2008/11/01Springfield, OR
G-Shock2009/04/19Independence, OR
Patrick Large2010/03/28Springfield, OR
George Michael2010/06/27Springfield, OR
Defeats Mary Jane Payne and then wins a 3-way match against Patrick Large and Chuck Payne.
Quiz2010/11/21Springfield, OR
Jonas Albert Robinson2011/02/20Salem, OR
Nick Madrid2011/11/20Salem, OR
Cody Smith2012/03/25Salem, OR
Defeats Nick Madrid, Darin Corbin, and Paul Raze in a 4-way match; stripped on 12/06/13 when Smith does not defend.
Freddy Bravo2013/02/16Molalla, OR
Wins a "Double Threat Rumble".
Eric Right2013/07/07Salem, OR
Title retired on 2013/09/01 and replaced with the Legacy Title.

* Replaced with WCWC Legacy Title.